What are the likes and dislikes of Aries?

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    Ask Oracle

    … and also how to impress them?


    Likes: spontaneous, social, outgoing, parties, diamonds, living in present and enjoy to the utmost level, freedom even if they are wrong
    dislikes: planning, organizing, analyzing, saving money, future planning

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    There strong yet very selfish.they get jelous easly. Its ok, i stil love em 🙂

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    Yes we never give up when we fight, we play to win at all times


    Likes: don’t take BS. Most likely tell you the truth for your benefit..or if we just want to hurt your feelings..Dislikes: Sometimes don’t know whe n to shut up, too demanding at times, much too impulsive, planning, saving money, sticking to a plan that is not their own but is for their own good…

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    can be very selfish,very straightforward to the point it can hurt your feelings,so i only recomend aries to people with thick skins.for some reason they like to blame everyone for their screwups,and they have  a very hard time appologizing if they need to,they just suck at it and those two words “im sorry”just cant get passed through their lips,and if so it will be many years later,i can say all this from a 20 year experince with one aries man ,my boyfriend.other than that they are cool.

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    well most aries that i know dont bathe that often,i think its because they are a fire sign.

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