Could this situation work out between Aries girl and Leo guy?

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    I have known a Leo boy for about a decade. We used to do cultural dancing in a group and had feelings towards each other, we kept in touch when I moved across the country. We were young and kind of grew alittle apart as we wentinto highschool. He found a girlfriend and were together for two years, he was still dating her when I moved back into the state 8 years later, only a 30 minute drive away. Our families remained good friends, and he graduated highschool with a plan to go into the military across the country. 
    Here is where it gets good.. He broke up with his girlfriend of two years when he found out that he was dating another boy at her college. I discovered that I was falling in love with him when I moved back, of course I had always liked him, but never really made my feelings known because he was in a relationship. He is now atbooks camp until January. I have never really had boyfriend because I thinkthat my heart Al’s always been hoping and waiting. 
    Now is where you come in, please, should I go for him? And most importantly, how? Any advice will help, thanks.


    Sorry. For the autocorrect mistakes, *he broke up with his girlfriend of two years when he found out that she was dating another guy at her college. * he is now at boot camp until January.

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