Cancer woman trying to get over Libra man

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    Alrighty, it’s an incredibly long story.


    My ex and I have been on and off with each other for about 9 years. (Mainly off. We just don’t get along with each other.) But he keeps sucking me back into his pace. It really sucks, because I seriously am a cancer girl.

    I stick with people no matter what. I’m also extremely possessive of love. Right now we are still physically connected, but not emotionally. I also know he is talking to another girl while still trying to be physically connected with me. I’ve blocked his phone number, and I’m hoping I can finally once and for all get my own self-worth back.

    Any suggestions on moving on? It’s been one incredibly long, drawn-out battle. I’m quite stubborn and quite proud, and just finally putting my foot down because I’ve done way more than my share of compromising without wanting anything in return.


    you will have to take the hard step once and for all. no other solution. i understand ur situation..i was once in d very same loop wid libra. but trust me its no use sulking over him. he juz might be using u for favours n nthng else..n dey r witty in ds sense.dey wont evn let u noe wht’s on their mind..ll juz keep u hanging around. wake up,remember how hard he made it for 9yrs is a hell lotta time for smbdy to make a serious commitement if dey were dedicated enuf. Leave him. think abt urself ryt nw.

    hope i cud help. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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