How would you describe a Cancer?

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    do you really think they are sensitive and emotional?

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    I’l descibe the cancer man coz iv been in a relationship with 1 for years. on the positive side the cancer man is loving, he can be the sweetest thing and his shyness, tender touches, unrushing streak in the bedroom makes him da cuttest thing, im a piscean so he manages to accommodate my sensitive nature. on the negetive side the cancer man is unpredictable, 1 minute he’s happy , da next he’s irritated and snapping at you, he can also be selfish at times, thinking abt his own feelings and not considering yours, it also takes time to gain the trust of the cancer man, he is very skeptical and sometimes he says stuff that hurts you while knowing very well that they gonna hurt you, but i wouldn’t trade my cancer man for any amount of cash ,oh ,he is also unforgiving so u better think before u do anything thats bound to hurt him

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    Cancer people are very loving and determined people. they always support your efforts and one can rely on them in every situation. They are a synonym to love and tenderness. Earth is definitely a better place to be with these people.
    They are indeed sensitive and emotional and that makes them so concerned about others too.


    I am a cancer female and I am definitely sensitive. I have been working on it for the last couple of years so I am better at letting things bounce of in a social situation but it is very hard for me to fight my nature. I might think after I’ve gone home about a light hearted joke mad at my expense and if they truly meant it but time makes me forget. Because we are emotional in nature I think the person we fall in love with we love so much our whole bodies love them too. I went through a trying time with my boyfriend of 5 years for a week we didn’t talk and I went into a deep depression and lost 10 pounds which is extreme for someone who weighs 120. He is my first any only serious relationship I have ever had. This is probably the resume of watching too many Disney movies when I was little because I had always wanted to find my prince. But anyhow cancers feel hurt inside themselves much more intensely then the other signs. So think before you speak to a cancer.

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    One of the reasons why I love my cancerian boyfriend so much is that he has a tender side too. 🙂

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    I am a proud Cancer and wouldn’t want to be any other horoscope sign. We are loving, sweet, emotional, and nurturing people. The only downside is our crazy mood swings, i’m in a terrible mood swing at the moment. It’s really hard to deal with sometimes and my friends have a hard time understanding my moods. Us cancers are worth the trouble though because once you have us as a friend, we are loyal, even after being betrayed (at least i am). We are always willing to help out and are great protectors of the ones we truly care about, that being not many people.


    @djoutoftune: cancers are…shy. especially cancerian men! dont worry, he loves you tooo much otherwise he would never have told u all that. its jsut that THEY are too shy to get the words out of the mouth…u’ll just have to wait a little…soon, he’ll realize that he’s no longer shy to stay away from you and he’ll soon act sooo romantic that you’ll feel like a princess from some super fairytale. cancers take time, and so does your guy…dont worry…he really really cares, coz cancers mean what they say (especially in love matters)
    all the best!



    I’m a Cancer and yes I’m shy- but, it’s because I’m trying to ‘feel’ everyone and everything out first around me… I’m cautious. I do this (we do this) for protection- I never want to be in an unpredictable situation and never prepared for the worst. I am loyal (sorry, ‘we’) and kind, non- judgemental (sometimes) and very humorous and smart. We believe in ‘truth’ and want to be surrounded by what is real- so phoney people need not apply (we sense you and already know who you are). We can ‘adapt’ to any situation and can chill and have a good time with anyone who doesn’t give us ‘that vibe’. We are very strong and we won’t back down from what we believe in (at least us Cancerian women…) and we want to live comfortable and in peace with our family and ‘true’ friends.


    Wow, you are so on point!  I could not have said it any better!


    Simply I would say that me being a Cancer….

    I can be Shy, Lovable, Short Tempered, Motherly, Protective, Emotional & Secretive . 
    I personally think that i am a 100% Cancer ! 

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    Cancer’s are a bunch of Whinny a$$ b!tches!!

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    I’m a Cancerian and we are the loving guy you could ever think of and we believe in honesty,I have a partner that I love so much but I never show how much I love her because she always hurt me with lies, she tell lies a lot and she always want me to show her love and that’s selfish when she always hurt me with lies .I’m a good man,loving and protective

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    Im a cancer female with a cancer male. How would that work out? Im not as homeloving as the rest of you make us out to be. i love going out, partying, going on dates, traveling e.c.t And I love trying new things. Im not a shy person sometimes im to talkitive for my own good. Im very faithful and commited in relationships and get hurt really easy. Deep down though i feel like i have a Scorpio personality more than a Cancer


    Hey Branon_l,   STFU

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    i am a cancer woman,and am sensitive,moody at times,loving,i enjoy being home.i love being gemini man left me a month ago and i havent been myself lately.even now i still go through that pain.every relationship i had ive been hurt and i became insecure.i do not know if il find my match.

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