How can i make Cancer falling hard for me

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    I’m Aries, n really dying for getting this hot cancer girl, but how can i built my relationship with her, becoz our trait is so different, fyi she have a future-boyfriend, he is pisces, i dont care bout that, because for me she can choose who she like.


    Now, I can only speak for myself, so take this with a grain of salt, but Cancers love to be swept off their feet. For me, personally, romance is something very fairy-tale like, and thoughtfullness and dreamy romanticism will never have too much value to a Cancer.

    Now, on a different note, we’re quite excellent at reading people, so if the only reason you want to be her boyfriend is because she’s a “hot cancer girl”, you’ve got another thing coming.


    what can i say more about she, other than a hot girl, she is my dream girl, i really love her , from the way she talk, walk and joke, i dont have any clue at this time, i dont even know does she like me or not, i know she about 6 month,she is my co-worker, i just fall in love at the first sight, i never feel like this, this is my first time.

    5 month later, i admit to her how much i love her, because i can’t carry this feeling alone, from that day this girl just keep on quit everytime i meet her, she never see my eyes when we talk and used to do other thing everytime i talk to her.

    when i give something to her, she just take it and only say ‘thanks’. Once, i hold her hand and kiss it, and i say ‘ did you ever see the fullmoon, how the light make the moon seem so full, that same my love for you’. she just dont show any response.She always looks dont comfortable everytime i want walk, talk and make a joke for her, she keep on avoids me.But i keep on trying.when we do a work as a group she never make a conversation with me, she like to convers with other co-worker. i try hundred time to talk with her, but she just not interest.

    but what i’m realise,she only give a reaction when my phone is ringing, she quickly looking at me, and when i talk with other girl i can see her face really sour. when i treat her lunch, she always say ‘ no need to do this’ but when i treat her friend i can see she keep on take a deep breath, i try to learn about her, but i feel like i’m really lost.

    i’m aries i can’t live without friend and sosial life, if i talk and walk with other girls, doesnt mean i love them, i just confused now, how can i make she love me, i dont wanna give up easily, i’m not easy to fall in love, but i really falling with her,i thinks she better kill me than she try to leave me.


    Okay, I am a Cancer female and I seem to always meet Aries.  I’ll help you out.  I can understand how puzzling this girl may seem to you.  In fact, I surprise myself when suddenly, when I know I’m being pursued by a man and I am tired of it, he’ll get attention from other women and I’ll suddenly feel jealous!  Cancers often show a tough exterior, but form dreamy (impractical) attachments without thinking about it.  Attentions from others dictate our feelings about them.  I can’t read this woman’s mind, but her ironic behaviour tells me she has formed a bit of an attachment to you.  BUT, she will never admit it until she respects you.  This is pretty general advice.  You don’t have to be rude or demanding, but feel free to start avoiding looking and talking to HER, and start speaking to her super platonically.  Control your desires and treat her like you expect more from her.  You might want to “take a break” and make yourself scarce before talking to her again.  Be mysterious and cool for awhile.  Focus on the things that make YOU happy (Aries are great at that!) and after a few weeks of treating her less passionately, open up to her a little and tell her about some interesting things going on in your life.

    Hope this helps!


    i’m boring n very boring with this cancer girl reaction..
    and i make my final decision by leaving her with her ‘cancer world’
    a biggest gudbye from aries girl..
    i’m not gonna pursue you anymore.


    I’m a picses woman and I’m involve with a cancer guy,and I must say they are very unromantic and boyfriend don’t even kiss me.  he never hugs me,dnt give me compliments,he don’t hold me in bed or look me in my eyes.when we make love he just lay there with his eyes closed .he dnt want to cuddle or romance.his not even trying to turn me on.he even dnt tell me how he feels me 


    Might be because she has liked you but could not leave her present bf for someone. Cancers are loyal creatures, they won’t dump someone for someone else. It doesn’t happen with Cancer women.


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    I am a cancer and I like this guy and he is a Leo and he have lots of laughs and giggles but what I like is when a guy can be romantic and sweep you off your feet


    from my story we hang out in classes and one day he decided to feel my legs becuz he said they look really soft so I let him and then we touching our legs together when he got my legs and pulled them up on his lap and looked at me and smiled



    just for shortness just be really romantic


    Cancerian women tend to be very sensitive, emotional, kind and caring but most of her traits will be hidden behind a shell of idifference and coldness. At first she may be a shy child but by the time you will discover her sociable, funny, wonderful personality. They like to be praised, embraced and pampered all the time and won’t be happy with someone who is less emotional than she or cold and distant.  She needs compliments, warmth and safety. She must be sure that she is needful, ask her for an advice, tell her about your problems 

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