How to attract a Cancer?

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    How will you attract a Cancer’s attention?


    Impress them with great eloquence and a dry sense of humor


    No matter what kind of conversation your having with a cancer ask about the same number of questions as we ask you and when we give you an answer look into our eyes and make sure you come across throughly interested. There’s nothing that drives a cancer more crazy then talking to a person who’s looking around at every person who walks by and shiny light that you notice. We want your full attention. Also a guy need to be comfortable in his own skin and confident in some capacity. cancers like a stable man who can be his solid self when a mood swing happens or the cancer girl is down.


    My boyfriend is a cancerian and apparently I got to him by smiling, laughing, understanding his jokes and not being afraid to make witty comments. Also helped that I was entirely myself and I involved myself in conversations and didnt feel restricted when it came to good natured verbal teasing. Is this accurate?


    For me as a cancerian, simple things matters. Like remembering silly  things that makes you fall for a cancerian. Being romantic, with sense of humor and respectful. Not buying a gift but instead make efforts to give one, like making your own gift or making a scene that you yourself think of. It’s about the amount of attention you’re giving to him/her and how you express it. And lastly, be yourself. Because cancerians are very perceptive on these things. (*in my opinion)


    Never drop your gaze… Especially when saying goodbye, doesn’t matter how much you impressed us, drop your gaze and it’s killed lol… To be smooth either watch us leave or look back as you’walking sea awaleaving parting ways…


    My Fiancee is a Cancer Male, and what attracted him to me was, My sweet nature, My innocence, My honesty, and My smile. At least this is what he has told me. So there might be other reasons its a mystery for now. hope this was helpful.


    Definantly give us your full attention!  We are attention hogs.  Dont forget to compliment us.  We want someone who is emotionally stable because we are not.  We need someone that can hang tough when those annoying mood swings kick in because they will eventually.  Make sure that you are very sensitive during these mood swings or else we could turn on you..If you think the cancer women are bad cancer men are ten times worse!

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