Are you jealous that I am a Cancer and you’re not?

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    Ask Oracle

    Proud to be a Cancer 😀

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    I’m a proud cancerian because we r born to be leaders and at the same time,have maternal skills.We are not stars,but the MOON!


    I looove being a Cancer! I am STRONG- NOT WEAK! I have a good sense of being and people and I know what I want and don’t. I’m moody and proud! I’m not ashamed or afraid of my femininity and I’m a true and loyal lover and friend.


    I have to say I hate being a cancer. Yes I know what I want and am successful in my work life but it seems so hard for me to make friends. I’m attractive, and I make a he’ll of a great first impression but after a few time of hanging out I really am looking for a “best friend” who wants to become best friend status too. I really will bend over backwards for a friend but I find thats when I get taken advantage of. Then I’m all kinds of sensitive and it’s a pain in the ass to not feel sad about the situation. One that is probably not as bad as I think at the time. I have a bunch of really great weeks on like the glenda from the wizard of oz but on a down Week I’m near reevaluating my life it’s ridiculous. Can any cancers relate?

    Ask Oracle

    @christina235 You’re probably taking a wrong approach to Life.

    We are who we are and we require a deep acceptance of ourselves before world can accept us. Once we have truly accepted ourselves, including our behavior, looks and everything else, we can really be happy and carry smiles and laughter to everywhere. That’s what attracts people and friends to us.

    You’re taking things too seriously. How people react to you is actually funny? isn’t it?

    You should be actually proud of yourself that you were able to serve friends and people. That’s a rare quality. What others do or don’t isn’t something that should trouble you.

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    i love myself as a cancerian!!! ;D


    I love being a cancer and talk a lot about cancerians traits, etc., so much so that my family starts to say, ooh boy, here we go again.  I am so sick of hearing about how wonderful and intuitive, and sensitive, and maternal cancers are that I know more about your sign than I do my own.  LOL!


    @AskOracle– What a great reply.

    I both love and hate being a Cancer. I am a double Cancer for one…both my Sun and Moon are both in Cancer. I wish I weren’t so dependent. I work hard and I’m kind to people, but it always seems that it turns mundane and depressing to me.

    I always look for changes every day. I marvel at how everything is the same, yet different. If you look at everything you do every day for a month, you are bound to repeat most activites and routines yet it seems like every day is different, yet it is the same. I have many bowel ailments. 

    I don’t know if rising signs count but mine is Gemini. I like to smoke.

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