Do you think Cancer is the most Popular Sign ?

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    Why or why not ?


    think i they are one of them



    Cancers are VERY cool! They got my vote. 🙂


    Nah… We’re too discerning to ever be really popular. We get hurt by being super caring and having the same expectation of others and then dissapointEd…. So we harden our shells or bear our pincers unless someone proves themselves worthy of our love (platonic or romantic) doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of acquaintances who see us as friends, we at best are detached but kind, at worst attached but resentful and expecting the worst…


    Yeah, its hard for ppl to figure us out.


    Yeah, its hard for ppl to figure us out.

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    I am a cancer gal and popularity follows me whether i like or not.. but i have seen other cancerians who arent so popular. but i have never seen a cancerian who stays in the shadows all the time.


    am peter a 43 year old cancer and am also year of the rat we are emotional yet clever and empathetic I also have the Norse name for the rock which means people lean on me for comfort and support we also have a slight moody side which we show when urt or frustrated which goes to show e we are only human.


    ✌ yes don’t u see how much of us they are

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