cancer woman virgo man – how do I seduce him?

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    We are friends and I want more……..


    OMG…i had the hardest time seducing a virgo man. They take a long time to fall for you..but it is definitely worth the wait!

    The best way you can seduce your virgo man is being really great friends with him. They like people with whom they can connect on a mental level. The way you dress and carry yourself is also very important.You need to be dressed neatly and smartly but dont wear anything too revealing. They dont like that. Anything which gives just a hint of the fabulous body you have instead of being “in ur face” is very much appreciated by them. Do read up on stuff and impress him with your knowledge on current affairs. Virgo men get really turned on by signs of intelligence in a woman. Light witty flirting is good, dont go over the top..they appreciate wit and humour (which we cancerians are great at by the way) and classy jokes.

    Most importantly be your charming sweet caring and awesome self and have lots and lots of patience. Virgo guys dont easily come forward on their own. I had to ask my virgo man to go out wid me and it worked! 

    Best of luck!!


    This has helped me too, thankyou Shelly157. I have to stop myself from being emotional and fearing the worst when he is quiet and work-focussed! It’s early days for me and I don’t want to ruin it! Any other tips?  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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