Do you think Cancer loves drama?

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    if not, then what’s wrong with them?

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    We are feelers and we have a very strong intuition, and if we feel something is not right then we become very persistent on finding out.

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    yes, its too exciting, but still, we mean no harm;)

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    lol i strongly agree with weezie, that is so true.


    I am a cancer and I am not a fan. If your really need drama watch trueblood it will satisfy that notion.


    Personally i am NOT into Drama .

    I dislike it more then anything else that makes my skin crawl .

    I am a 100% Cancer from head to toe, my personality just says it all & i Agree with Weezie, but then again me being a Cancer when something is going on & i can feel it in the pit of my stomach ? a lot of times i wont want to find out because of how nervous & uneasy it makes me . So if the situation really has NOTHING to do with me ? then i have no attentions of figuring it out .

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    le fuck no.


    Personally, I find Cancers to be highly intuitive and emotional, but dramatic, not in my experience with the Cancerians I know. I actually enjoy being around very much. They really know how to make me laugh. I also am very careful in what I say because they can be a little touchy in something I said that meant no harm in and they internalized it and were upset.


    I try to avoid drama at all cost 🙂

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