cancer girl n cap they even stand a chance.?!!

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    i dont think so now..i have tried hard enough but nothing works with’s been 2yrs..but still nothing positive. so i dont think now tht this pari can really work..caps intrest in one varies like the day they are nice the next day they ll b cruel..n apparently for no reason. i did everything for him..suffered to keep him happy..always compromised..but still couldn’t get his love. well guess they cant even love someone truly..or maybe he couldn’t love me. well i still wish the best for him. even though he has broken my heart..rather stabbed. but what can i say..maybe it was my fault too..i alrdy had learned long ago that he is completely immature and react without selfish to the core..but i used to think he ll change with time..over expectations from my side i guess. i just wanned him to love me..nothing else..but it didnt work. 

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    I have learned (in my experiences that is) men dont change, only the situations do (or have). It could be just the ones that date me god only knows lol.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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