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    Hello! I am a new member and I would like to know what’s the hell is going wrong with me… No job, no relationships (love, friends…), no meaning in this life…
    If you should need more details, please inform me!
    Thank you in advance!


    And here on this site my birth chart is completely wrong! I am not Sagittarius but a Capricorn!!!

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    The birth charts on this website are based on Vedic Astrology principles, and that’s why the difference.

    Please post your birth details and we might be able to help.


    24/12/1981, Larisa, Greece at 12.00 noon (before afternoon, ok?)

    I am a Capricorn, Asc Pisces and Moon in Sagittarious
    Everything sucks in my life and I am afraid that my future will be more and more hard…
    I am afraid of meeting new people or to have a relationship and I don’t have a job to have my mind occupied…
    2010 was difficult and so does 2011, as I can see…

    p.s. Sorry for my English. Thank you for your answer.

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    It would have helped if you could provide accurate time of your birth.

    You might have to struggle a bit for next 6 months and things will start to improve gradually. 2012 looks optimistic as far as relationship is concerned.

    There is no need to fear and you are truly loved. There is beauty in your life if you see it that way and start enjoying it.

    I would suggest you start doing 24 rounds of Sun Salutations everyday, this will help you feel confident when dealing with people and situations.

    But its important that you do it everyday for next 45 days and be assured it will truly do wonders in your life.


    Thank you very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I was born at 12.00 (in a 24-hour clock) but you can see either 11.45 or 11.50 in the morning, cause nothing changes…
    Well, I’ll find a job and a lover in 2012??? It’s a long time…. I wanna have familly and babies…. grrrrr 🙁


    Hi! Why is it so hard to find a job??? And why is always my mood bad, blue and weird?
    I can’t stand this situation anymore…

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    Whole heartedly follow Sun Salutations and you’ll start feeling good and have some patience.


    Until when??? It’s so difficult to be patient… the expenses and the obligations are high and I can’t afford them…
    CVs without an answer… 🙁
    Anyways….thank you very much.

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    Hey anita, I’m also a Capricorn, Pisces acsendant. I also find it hard to keep my mood from affecting my life. What I do is put an effort into changing my outlook in life, take care of my bella figura and watch my phisical and mental health. I do things that make me happy, like cooking or writing, drawing or running. Sometimes singing also helps. It’s a way to let go of the pressure inside threatening to make one explode of grief.

    And about the economical aspects of your life, I’m sure you’ll do well. Just give it some time to blossom. Capricorns are known for being succesfull in that aspect.

    As for your love life, well, I have no advice for you because i really know nothing about your situation. What i say is that sometimes we enlarge situations growing self-pity and not helping ourselves at all, for nobody likes to be around another that sulks all day. As i said before, take a new perspective to life, ours is a terrible or wonderful world, depending on the fact that you see the glass half full or half empty.

    Hope that helped. If not, I suggest posting a question on yahoo answers* or simply turn to a professional. There are some that work for free :3

    Cheers and good luck ;D

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