Capricorn Female and Scorpio Male

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    I just got back from my third date with my first ever Scorpio male. We slept together on the second date and again on the third. The sex is… Mindblowing. Not in an intense physical way, but emotionally I’ve never felt like that before. Felt so totally secure and adored and it made everything so much better. Then again, I’m not really sure if that’s just a connection we have or if he really is a fantastic lover with everyone. Against my better judgement I blurted out that I’d like to look forward to something more than just sexual in nature in the future. I knew it was a mistake the second I said it!! WHY DID I DO THAT?!?! He responded that he’d like to take it slow, which is understandable, but this off and on thing with him is mentally straining. He’s such a catch and we vibe so well, I’d hate for this to fizzle out before I get to see what this might have in store. Any tips for just starting out in a relationship with a Scorpio male for a Capricorn female? Patience is usually a strong point for me, maybe I’m letting my insecurities get the best of me.


    Scorpios and Capricorns are meant for each other. I (1/8/1966) can recognize one from a mile away. It’s the most difficult relationship you will ever have, but if it lasts, it will last forever…

    Tips on the beginning of a Scorpio relationship:

    1) Be patient.

    2)Do not try to control them, ie; make them open up to you. They will when THEY feel you’ve earned that privilage.

    3)Educate yourself on everything Scorpio, including their entire birth chart. Knowledge is power and this is the only power you will ever have in the relationship.

    4)Respect their privacy.

    5)Keep their secrets.

    6)Let THEM teach YOU how to be the world’s greatest lover, ‘cuz THEY ARE!!!

    7)Realize now that this relationship could take a year to solidify, but trust me, honey, it’s worth the wait!!!

    Good luck and Blessed Be


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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