How to attract a Capricorn?

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    Do you think a sagitarius girl and a capricorn guy could ever get along? I’m sagitarrius and am absolutley in love with this boy who is capricorn but he doesnt have a clue…i keep reading things about how they would never get along but is that honestly true?

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    as a cap i say…just be ur-self cause we (cap) hate imposters …we r true ourselves & want people to be true,honest & loyal as well…we dn’t want a releation for jst fun..if u want a permanent releation thn its ok …else gth..:)…a problem with us is we always want to more love & care ..u should show that u actualy need us else… u knw..& please never shout/ say loudly cuz i seriously hate noise…so always be gentel 😀

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    I’m a Capricorn woman, I’d say be blunt but not over crude. Be a leader we absolutely LOVE alpha males. Men that are leaders with the same drive and determination as ours. Be humble and honest, show loyality , reliability , be a man of your word…we definitely hate fake people or liars.  Give us respect, adiration and praise. Make sure that you gain our respect, because we look at status. Make us feel like queens and we will fall aand in return make you our king. P.s and a high sex drive we love sex.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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