What are the likes and dislikes of Leo?

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    … and also how to impress them?

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    Well a Leo loves creativity an imagination… they love new things.
    to impress them you could write a song or a poem, we are very choosy so do it right with passion because Leo’s take it seriously when its creative writing.
    they also love uniqueness so dress unlike other ppl and different (that doesnt mean silly). hope this helps

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    This is very true because i am a leo.We Leo’s love being impressed epecially by our crush especially when they try so hard to get our attention.You can impress a leo by showing him/her your talents.Don’t waist your time buying expensive gifts(though we do appreciate them),we like things simple and romantic.We also love to laugh so could try to be funny or take him/her out to a comedy show.

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    i MUST say that i absolutely LOVE you guys already… me being a leo, i completely AGREE with the two of you!! love being creative and LOVE dressing DIFFERENT all the time… i like to try and make impressions all the time… even if im in my pjs hahahaha 😀 not to say i go all out and fix my hair and make up… i just believe i STILL LOKK GOOD!!! its all about confidence… lol… and the gift thing… i hate when a guy trys to use a gift to keep a relationship alive… or keep you from running away… or whatever the reason may be… BUT use your BRAINS and do something creative and intelligent… then i might STAY hahaha 😀 but seriously… leos are simple to please… alot of it is just BEING YOURSELF!!! i observe pretty well and i can tell if someone is being REAL or fake…


    you just have to make a Leon feel she’s your princess she likes being in the spotlight most of the time and she definitely enjoys all the attention


    There own Kingdom is Like..Leading is like and to be under someones is pressure or bossing is most unlike.

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    Leo people are the most loyal and devoted to their friends and families and nice to those around them. They dont know how to be mean to others but their straight forwardness makes them arrogant and self centred and can be dominating but thats just because they are honest people and want to be heard and understood from an honest point of view. Sometimes the truth hurts but they think it is important for everyone to know the truth so they can deal with it honestly. They need to learn how to be diplomatic so they dont hurt others. its a real task to do that and leos think that its lying to do that and can be annoyed by that.


    Have manners- and use them. Sometimes Leos can overlook people who aren’t “dynamic” or who are surrounded by others.
    You will most likely need to assert yourself. You need to show them you exist and want them.


    Attention and caring is important. 


    Power,love, cats (for me) , Creativity! Honesty

    Dislike: arguments,mean people, negative things, small minded people.

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    leo r lovin  n kind  easy  to get  angry   but  good  at  heart  n  leo  always  help others when they  are in need


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    well as for  me i an a leo n i am  a easy n quiet  person  i love to  dress n i love to get attention  and also i love to be flattered by lovin  words  i am attracted to handsome boys  but my  type (leo men)


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    As for me, an older Leo woman who has had her choice of many, many men… attention is the one thing I have had my share of. At work, shopping or doing any old thing, I get second looks and I am almost 50… Although we seem arrogent and superficial sometimes, what all Leos want deep down is to be adored by ONE special person, a person we can rely on, who can help shoulder our load that we eternally carry around… In my case, my deepest desire is a man who eats, breathes and looks but sees only me, who is faithful until their last day and wants the same from me. Sensuality and romance is our middle names and the simple things brings out the best in us.. Spend a little time with a Leo and we will have you wrapped like a Christmas present….Seeing the love and loyalty in our eyes is your reward****


    Leo’s cheats lies steal  chronic borrower’s stink like a lion

    Loves her family over husband greed hates kids from previous

    Marriage never home snores corner associates with relatives I don’t care for two faced onery


    They will Abandon and use you they are NARCISSTIC

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