What are the likes and dislikes of Leo?

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    not all leos are bad and mean.

    im a leo woman.i love positivity and though i live with drama,and i tend to exaggerate things,i hate confrontaion and arguments.

    if i love someone, i dedicate them my time, love and everything.

    leo women loves to be adored.they love when their partners treat them with high respect and adoration.we leos hate negativity,and if you like to be in a gloomy,negative mood, leos will be gone in an instant!

    we may like the attention that we get from other people,like people admiring us, but we are loyal and faithful lovers.

    when we fall in love, we fall head over heels, and nothing can ever stop us loving that person. we are ruled by our hearts.

    thats why, others see us as dramatic and tend to exaggerate things.hahaha 😛

    but all in all, if you love us fully,and treat us with all the love and admiration that we want, then expect us to commit ourselves fully to you!:)

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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