How to attract a Libra?

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    How will you attract a Libra’s attention?


    Simple. Kiss them!! Is that so hard to figure out??


    I’m a libra(October 22nd), I would say don’t be selfish, show willingness to compromise,be open-minded to different ideas, fun loving, no drama having, passionate, intelligent, goal oriented, being fair minded, and of course among other things being physically attractive always help. Definitely, someone who takes care of their physical appearance at least somewhat lol.


    Im a libran, 7th Oct…. Someone who is artistic attract me.


    Smile, and just be your self. They love honesty even when it hurts


    You need lots of tact, a caring heart, good temperament, a quick wit, a sense of humor, patience and a little bit of pampering to impress a libra. 🙂

    I should know, I’m a libran. 🙂


    Interesting. I’d say, just be yourself. my Libra man caught me with my smile and fell for it. He stares at you and make sure to have that eye contact. They definitely can read you. lol.


    Make sure your looking our best.Be chatty but honest,honesty very important to us librans.


    Give plenty of compliments smile and flirt a little.


    Im born on cusp libra /scorp but chart says im libran. My hubby is libran.


    I’m a Libra and I know one of the main things I look for is straight forward honesty. Just be yourself cuz the things you may think’ll turn us off rarely do. Were like human lie detectors in a sense. We can see right through you and read you like a book but we won’t usually call you out if we believe your not being honest.


    I am a libra lady 9 october love buty good things music, food  outing most of the time. smile for no reason. Kind, caring,supportive toward others and put their need first before mine. fall in love wth good heart. hate selfishness.easy going and comitted with one patnerbut prefer marriage  


    I need advice for a boy help!!!!!! I really like him…..


    m libra (24th sept) attractig libra is simple give compliments about their looks, dress. someone wid sense of humour attracts me.


    Im a libra october 11 be confident!

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