Silent treatment by Libra to a Virgo

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    I am a Virgo female. I had a colleague who was a libra. We were just friends. When I was leaving the company we started saying good byes. He started expressing how much he would miss me. We planned meeting up as a farewell. I still treated him as a friend only. He just had tears when I gifted him a book as a parting gift. He reached and hugged me. The next day I met at his place and we had some good moments playing music. We ended up hugging each other. But it seemed he didn’t want me to go. The next last two days we just came close to each other and le flowed. But when I was leaving he was not having much emotions. And since then no mails or calls at his end. Just a few hi friend Facebook posts. 

    I am confused by his emotions. I have almost fallen for him and want to explore more. But for that we need o contact from adistance. I am in India and he is in west coast US. 12.5 hrs of differenCe. I know he hates being on the pc after work. He loves being with people , so this distance is most likely not workable. But at least acknowledgments to mail as a friend is what I expect. Don’t know why he is giving this silent treatment

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    Well, Love is also about giving freedom and respecting their choices to talk or not talk. All successful relationships demands open communication and expression of feelings to each other.

    Instead of asking this thing here, it is suggested that you talk to him directly and express that you are really upset at his silent behaviour and even tell him that you like him and feel something for him.

    Also any great and deep relationship is only possible if you both can see, feel, touch and even smell each other. I am doubtful if Facebook, Emails and phone calls can be of any help in experiencing a great happy relationship.


    My experience with long distance relationships is they DO NOT work out. Honestly, I really feel that this has nothing to do with astrology. There is likely as psychological factor involved.

    His reaction to you could be a past experience he had. Maybe he was hurt in the past and is afraid to get close to you because of fear of being stung. Only he knows that. What you plan to do about the situation is totally up to you. If you feel the need to contact him and discuss the issue with him and how you feel and get everything out in the air…than do that.

    Good luck…I hope things work out for you!

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    Dear Vu,

    If you really care about him then you should hang in there.

    Librans get confused and will not always display their emotions correctly. It is possible that he is thinking about you and evaluating this whole thing.

    Next thing you know is that he will be back talking to you with a smile and no good explanation of his silence. Libra comes with a package of unpredictability. And if you strech your hand towards him without demanding that he grab it, just as someone who really cares about him, he is most likely to hold it..






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    I am currently in a similar or even worse situation. I met this libran guy (who is at the moment my boyfriend) over 2 years ago and there was countless times I have always been the one suffering from his behavior. I am not the needy type so one or two text messages ignored is enough for me to end the story with him. However, the guy would always comes up with excuses, me considered him no more than a friend so ‘Nevermind’ was what I said. I was merely curious what was on his mind and how long could he endure so we ended up being in a relationship. He has improved a bit but on-and-off, it’s hard to get rid of a routine. Now due to my situation, I sense that the guy id reluctant to put up a commitment to a distant relationship (I’m studying abroad). Indeed, I was right, I haven’t heard from him for weeks even though I have long been to a foreign country. I learnt something from this guy though. I’m not sure if this is a trait that most liban men share?! He wanted to date me but never mentioned as such or at least hinted so that I got the message. I do hope that maintaining a distant relationship is possible, but certainly you should not place too much hope on this sign


    hello Vu,

    I don’t mean to disrespect any zodiac sign but Virogs have this super careing behaviour which sometimes translates as pushy to libras. belive me I’m a libra myself and have a virgo family memeber and when we are left together for over a week there are small sparkes of conflict in the air. virgos are driven and energetic and moreruled by brains like capricorns. we like to take things slow. this siad, libras are know to have emotional outbursts( I know I do) this happenes when soemthindis potentionaly tempting,out of our reach or forbiden.normaly office romance is not very ok in offices and he might have had bottled up his emotions for you for so long that he had cried on your parting day.he had the innner fear we will never see you again and has lost his chance of expressing his feelings for you. now that you have proved that you’d like to be around him,he has relaxed a bit and probbebly is ashaimed of his emotional outburst and the opinion you must have formed about a libra myself,i’m always aware of the image I present in public so I’m careful about what I do.he hasn’t forgoten about you and hasn’t grown cold or anything. he has the inner fear that you may have found his action rediculous or too emotional or something silly like that. I suggest you reach up to him and see what’s the deal. belive me he would be happy that you cared for him enough to get in touch with him.

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