Can a libra woman have a lasting relationship?

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    I’m a Libra girl born 06Otober.I find it very hard to stay in a relationship and I guess my question is why?iv dated two Libra guys and two Aquarius guys they bored me and I broke it off.I dated guys that turned out to be cheaters two Aries,a Taurus and a Capricorn.all the Leo guys iv been with have been amazing,I wouldn’t last with them because of my travelling or a simple misunderstanding.I recently broke up with a Gemini and all we would do was fight(before,during and after the break up) .my longest relationship was 7months with a Leo and Aquarius

    Concerned Young Libra 🙁


    I think a libra woman definitely can have a lasting relationship, but it may be hard to find the right guy.  My husband is a pisces, and I know we’re not quite evenly matched.  Even though we’re not “perfect” for each other.  We make it work because we love each other and don’t want to be without the other.  So I think that question is not “Can a libra woman have a lasting relationship,” but “Do libra women have what it takes to work through troubled relationships?”  Not all relationships are perfect, but even the not perfect ones can be worth it!


    Hi oamcgarvey..

    Im a libra woman & my bf is a pisces..Does your pisces husband is hard to handle?.can you tell me your story..As i read in horoscope..libra woman & pisces male were least compatible..& thats made me think a lot. Me & my bf always fighting but we still manage for now to settle things. But until when?..Sometimes im thinking to give up but i cant do..i really love my pisces bf.,


    libra lady married to taurus man


    I have read all the above, I am facing the same, why people don’t understand us Libra?

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