libra girl? what are her motives

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    does she really like me and so she’s taking her time or am i just an ego boost for her. I’ve heard a few “eventuallys” and “not right nows” from her and it makes me wonder. i also can’t tell if her friends are full of beans or not because they tell me things that seem to be in my favor but she shows something different.


    I think you might be dealing with the notorious libra-indecisiveness and difficulty with commitment!  I don’t know her personally, but if it were ME saying that, I could either be taking it slow so I didn’t make a mistake (a big libra worry), OR I wasn’t interested and didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings.

    Have you ASKED her directly?  Has she ever said anything that makes you think she’s NOT interested in you?  If she seems like she really likes you, but won’t take the next step with you, I would think that she’s just afraid of “change”, of making a mistake.  You weren’t really clear about what you are asking her for, and what she said, so I can’t tell for sure what I think she means, but I doubt you are just an “ego boost” for her…..that doesn’t sound like something that a libra would ever try to get by using someone.  So put that at the bottom of your list of reasons!

    And GOOD LUCK!! 🙂


    Libra are not ego seekers however if she saw something fishy about you she will say maybe/ possible but me being a libra when a guy asks me something and I mean to say no I will say maybe/possible in an attempt to be nice. Remember unless you provoke a libra to anger, her responses will always be kind even to those of a lesser value…..


    libra now me if it was me she trying to see if you are serious about a relationship or is you tring to make her your trophy you pick up when you want to . we are careful at getting into a relationship because of the wrong choice in men that we do give a chance too


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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