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    So I’m a libra to the tea w/ sag moon. He is a cappie w/ moon in Aquarius. I met him about six months ago when he was in town for a few months on business. He pursued like crazy. After a few dates we had a very passionate night. We became inseparable and we text and called all day. One month into it he asked me to be his GF and told me he loved me. He kept asking me what my thought were on kids and marriage but I tried to not get too serious because he was leaving in another month and a half. I couldn’t help it though I fell HEAD OVER HEALS in LOVE! I tried not to show it too much. Before he left he asked if I would consider moving out there and if I could see myself with him for the rest of my life. I told him yes. It’s now been 4 mos since he left. I’ve gone to see him once and he is suppose to come back to see me next month. The only problem is since he left he has changed. He still tells me how much he loves me and that he wants me to move out there but he won’t give me an idea of when. Communication has significantly decreased. He doesn’t text me unless I text him first and sometimes he won’t respond at all. He only calls once maybe twice a week and rarely ever answers or returns my calls. I’m not reaching out to him all the time because there is no way I’m gonna be the crazy chick. I’ve brought the fact that he is making me feel that he doesn’t seem to care or not interested anymore but he just says I’m crazy and that he doesn’t know why he has to reassuring me of his feelings. I want to believe his words but he is so frickin inattentive now. I haven’t heard from him in three days and I text him once yesterday and nothing not even “I’m busy can’t talk” or “hey I need some alone time”. I find disregard very disrespectful btw… so am I crazy or is he just starting to string my loving libra heart along???

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    This is intresting and i have read ALOT about capricorn guys on line–about women who have been in realtionships with capricorn men and REAGARDLESS of what star sign any of these women are they ALL say the SAME thing about acpricorn guys.

    All capricorn guys stop communicating. They dont text back. They hardly ever keep in touch. They are hard to get the truth out of. Like they dont get it. They are cold and distant and cause alot of grief for females.

    But then when the relationship breaks up they get really really hurt.  like they blame themselves as well. And are really hard on themselves. But then just repeat themselves over again in the next relationship. LIke they really DONT get it.

    Capricorn guys are really sexy to me. I really like the way they are. But i can understand how painful it would be for any woman to be with a capricorn guy for a long period of time. You have to be pretty flexible and yeilding and understanding to make it work.

    Maybe i should say capricorn guys have a low relationship I.Q.

    I am a libra and have been seeing a capricorn guy for about two months now.

    He is quite full on and he does seem to enjoy his space quite abit and he does seem pretty distant and absorbed in work and projects quite alot. But when he texts me back and spends time with me hes very caring and loving and makes me feel good. But i realise this could stop one day. He could become cold and distant and id have to get an ice axe to draw the truth out of why he is acting the way he is. I think its because they are moody and driven and it makes them tired and incredibly overly self sufficient. I think they get obsessed with projects and work and money.And lose concentration on other things because they dont matter that much at that time.

    I think this is what people may not understand about capricorn guys. And most women wouldnt put up with this and i understand why. It is extreme low emotional relationship I.Q. Maybe that should be the new official trait of capricorn males:)


    Cappy man can be loving ,understanding and carring bt the thing is they are also moody,caught up in their wrk and are always right.I know,I married one. They are very jealousy,very reserved and they don’t usually tell the truth.It’s so difficult to live with a cappy man ,if u are a libra

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