How would you describe a Libra?

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    do you really think they are charming yet have double standards?


    One word. “Perfect”!!

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    Yes, I think we are charming and no, we don’t have double standards!! We are very fair-minded individuals that hates hypocrisy and being unfair. We definitely don’t like people trying to get over us by cheating!!!

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    I think librans are fair, passionate, caring and unwilling to hurt others.

    As a libran, I’m willing to work hard when it comes to other people and to surpass their expectations. I would never intentionally hurt anyone, and no matter what the situation, I’d try to understand everyone’s story before coming to a decision. People tell me I’m too nice for my own good sometimes 😛

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    I think that Libras live in a sort of Utopia in their mind where everything is just and beautiful. Because of this desire to have everything just so, the Libra lies to him/herself about anything that they dislike. They are therefore bound to lie to others in order to ‘cover up’ any negativity. So yes, I think that Libra’s have double standards to a certain extent because they don’t recognize their own misgivings and can be quick to point out others flaws…

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    libras r signs of equal, we make things equal, not too much, not too little. like all things come in equal. no pain no gain

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    The libra I know born 23rd October 1980 was a charmer, he went from an angel, to sadly the devil!

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    I am a Libra woman and we are very caring, passionate, We think about other people instead of ourselves, we love unconditionally etc.  When in love we over look our lovers flaws and much more. We believe in justice, we don’t make a decision if we only have one persons side if the story, we will take the blame for something we know isn’t our fault just to keep peace and harmony. We help people no matter what and end up getting screwed over in the end. What more can I say.



    Both of my cousins are Libra’s. They are kind and have a great sense of humor and try at all costs to avoid arguements and “keep the peace”, so to speak. They are also very understanding.

    They also can be manipulative and are very emotional women. They have huge self-esteem issues. It really depends on what period a Libra is born. In the early period they are charming. My eldest Libra cousin is very charming.



    as alibra man i consider my self as acrasy person because i failed to find my soul mate even though iam 51 and got married to 4 women peaces,loe,vergo,and capricon.


    I’m allowed to state my opinon am I not? I’m saying that this is how all Libra’s are,but my Libra friend is like this…she is a person that I KNOW is trying to ruin my life.I swear she is (again I’m just describing my Libra friend,I’m not saying this is how all you Libra’s are). She knew I liked this guy and she started to date him. Then she tells me that I’M stealing HER friends?!The she says I’M copying HER?!She’s the one that always comes up to my friends and starts to talk to them.She’s the one that’s always so Emo then suddenly starts going all happy-go-lucky!She’s the one that’s always been copying ME.Okay let’s go with positive side of her now! :3 she is a very pretty girl,that is ultimately nice,loyal and very honest person on the outside 😀 …let’s move on to another friend of mine :3 inside and out she is beautiful,positive,cheerful,honest,creative,a romantic person and she is one of the nicesest person you’ll meet.


    As a libra I will say the truth. From me and the female and male Libras Ive known, we think we are the stuff. We think we are gorgeous & charming. Even those who are not pretty have the charming and flirty personality That still gets them dates. the guys are referred to jerks who are whipped when they are in love because they are sweetie pies truly, but they can and most of the time are players. Girls can be players too. So many guys fighting for our attention, we take one and save the others in a box just in case, since  Libras don’t like to be single, or inactive. libras love to shop and be with friends. Girls sometimes have a fairytale dream for the ideal man and wedding and kids. we all hate to argue. yes we are loving and caring but we do have a Dark Side. we like revenge, or payback. We don’t forgive easily. We have self esteem issues, and the constant praise from our admirers and or mate boost us up. we can have addictions, food, alcohol, etc… Some even say Libras can be on the chubby side because we like to indulge in chocolates and wine. Parenting wise were loving, can be a little selfish without meaning to. Overall fun loving people who seek balance in all we do. Keep us happy and you won’t see the Dark side. 😉  -love,balance,&harmony 


    I have always thought that librans are a very good judge of character and see this attribute in my life and the lives of other librans I know.  I also saw once that librans love when people do little things or small gestures for them, and I have to totally agree with that.  Small gestures such as doing the dishes or helping with laundry mean way more to me than buying some big fancy present ever could.

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