Are you jealous that I am a Libra and you’re not?

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    Proud to be a Libra 😀


    Is there anybody worth while except a Libra???

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    I’m very happy to be one too lol…

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    Libra’s are the best!!!

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    Proud to be libran, cuz librans are awesome! But all the other star signs have values that we can learn from too. 🙂 Nothing to be jealous about!

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    Proud Libra to the core! 10/20!!!

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    librans are de best .they knw how to live up and live 4 others


    i am smart

    i am bueatiful

    i am always right 

    i am a thill seeker

    i am woman 

    i am libra . 

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    I love to be LIBRA. Men loves me and I have a super success all the time



    I love that I am a libra because of the effect I have on my other relationships — I am the MASTER of them, but I don’t even have the need to be recognised as such…’s good enough that I see it! 😀

    My libra way has been a huge help to everyone that I meet, and people always want to talk to me and come to me for understanding and advice, and being a libra helps me to SEE what they need and be able to give it to them!  For my family, I feel SO satisfied and deeply happy that I can be that for them! 🙂  I am an excellent communicator, and I’ve helped my sisters and mother in their other relationships — with husbands, friends, even with eachother!!  I’ve also built a deep trusting relationship with both my teenage boys and my teenage daughter — they love and trust me so much, and talk to me about anything, and I’ve been able to help them with some difficult situations with their friends.  That brings me such joy and happiness!!

    The BEST part of all is that I attracted a confident, proud, Leo man!  He thinks I’m absolutely wonderful and perfect, and I know it’s my libra nature that entices and enthralls him!! LOL  He is my protector and my hero — after all, he can make all those decisions that I can’t seem to figure out! 😀  And if I’m upset with him, it is MY way that helps resolve our differences — my patience and calm insistance or my ability to forgive him, or to apologize myself when needed.

    I have told my kids, my husband’s strength (leo) is like a huge boulder – strong, firm, immovable…..but MY (libra) strength is like WATER – I have the ability to flow smoothly around that boulder and the patience to soften it’s edges or eventually move it away altogether if necessary. 

    Which do you think is the REAL strength??? 😀


    we libras are sexy, seductive, smart, funny, charming, and our love is one of a kind. what’s not to love?


    Who really is perfect?
    Show me one person that is perfect. Maybe Libra


    Sorry,but I am proud to be a Sagittarius.From what I’ve seen with my Libra friend and the dark side of her,her inside personality,no I am not jealous. Proabably with her looks yes (very beautiful),but other than that…nope!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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