Libra + Aquarius

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    Hello fellow librans, and whoever else stumbles across this post. My love life is the most confusing aspect about my life and anything to do with it. Normally I find I attract a lot of earth (dated a virgo on and off for 5 years) and water signs, proabably because I have mostly water in my chart. Anyways, months ago, for the first time I started talking to an aquarius. This was the most amazing, innate, cosmic, and easy connection I’ve ever experienced from the first day we met. I thought it was going to last as all of my close friends are aquarius, of course it didn’t, but I’m still left wondering why? I love you aquarians!

    Anyone else been through this with an aquarius?


    Aquarians are one of the best matches for us, one of my ex’s is an aquarius, one of the best relationships I had ever been in, we just “get” each other, like we were inside each other’s minds. Very cerebral, they think a lot just like us & I will say they ard not as quick to get into a relationship, the can go years being single yikes! HARD TO PIN DOWN! I WILL TELL YOU THAT!

    very funny and interesting people, never a dull moment. But she was prone to dissapear without warning, I would never do such a thing…
    this was more than I could handle and not fair to me at all so I had to end it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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