What are the likes and dislikes of Libra?

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    … and also how to impress them?


    libras are cute sweet awesome & fun-loving for me
    im a SCORPIO & i love my sister soooooooooooo much
    she’s a libra daaaaaaaaaaa!!!


    Im a scopio and I totally fell in love with a libra. 🙂
    They are so sweet and loving..
    but they love when you give them compliments about their looks because they always like to look their best


    Of course!! Libra’s are very Proud to be a Libra.


    They like Libra and dislike non Libra. Simple!!!




    libra are expensive and of high taste.


    Libras are charming,honest,sweet,kind,graceful and smart indivisuals. But there weakness is inside there chest. Libras love uncondisionally and like to think everyones its a fairytale an there snow white. Its not but its not bad to daydream.pure


    I think librans in general are mostly forgiving, and we like people. We like to see people smile and to help them and to smooth out any argument or injustice cuz we dont like seeing people fight. We dont like people who lie, thats for sure.


    Libras love compliments and playful debates. Though they are told they flirt with everyone they actually will flirt with you more and in my eyes they make it really obvious. As long as you are fair and make the libra smile and laugh it wont be hard to make them like you 


    I don’t know if this is an actual Libra trait but my aunt and my 2 cousins are Libras and they often are manipulative and fabricate events in their lives to gain attention. If they don’t receive the attention they yearn for, they become cold and give the silent treatment. They also don’t have much ambition and are given into laziness.

    Like I stated; I don’t know if these are Libra traits, but there certainly seems to be a pattern in behavior!


    I had done some research on Libra. Two websites that helped me answer my question… and http://www.ganeshaspeaks. According to this research is they do have a tendancy towards me lazy and can be cold and manipulative, which really explained the answer to my question. Afterall, nobodies perfect.

    As far as Librans having a tendancy towards promiscuity…taht could be farther from the truth. They are very loyal to the loves in their lives. Which is something I highly respect. They are very elegant and speak elegantly. True gentlemen and ladies! Compassionate and beautiful! 🙂


    I am a libra n i have libran friends too n as far as i have understood it,librans have warm personalities ,they are exceptionally good listeners so u feel like pouring  ur heart out to them,n they will be all ears to you and understand too.They have a giving nature and love to make people laugh around them.They dislike fights but for some unknown reason are always caught in one(perhaps not wd all librans but happens with me :P)!

    Member are libra-gemini bonds?? does they work good?


    they can talk for hours and not get bored as both of them love to share incidents and stories from their life.librans are nothing but sweet while geminis have spunk and are spicy..what better combination than sweet and spicy at the same time?!

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