silent treatment by libra to aquarius

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    I found myself reading the post on silence from libra to virgo and found myself amazed at how much I have in common with these women. I am a aquaris woman and is currently in a situation with a libra man and when i say situation i mean just that. Its strange because from the moment I met this guy we connected. I am an attractive women and guy’s are always hitting on me, but im hardly intrested so when i meet someone who catch a guy that catches my attention not just physically, but mentaly im all ears. This guy was pursuing me constant phonecall, attention affection the works and sometime it felt as if I had know him my whole life. Once we started hanging out he acted as if he never wanted to leave than strange behavior started happening. Days and weeks no phone call no text and i doint play that normally that is a man’s exiting date,but this guy is a smooth talker and always has some excuse that makes you feel like okeyi can see where he’s coming from. He’s always sorry first and ready to do what ever say whatever to make it right and still doe the same thing pulls disappering acts than resurfaces with the perfect solution. Im just over it its too nerve recking and i really doin’t have time for it plus im sick of hearing him say he’ sorry. Im not letting one bad apple spoil the bunch. 




    I find myself giving my Aquarius the silent treatment all the time.. He hates it.. Lol but it works I don’t have to worry about arguments and liberals tend to need time to think things threw before we approach a problem.


    AS a libra man I would like to apologies for this inconvenience relationship with another libra gentleman, you see we don’t like to upset anyone. we love people to be happy, and kindly leave us alone just for sometime.

    As aren’t two people alike, we can only look at the good and postive of every individual and bring the best out of them.

    I am sure if you look within when you at the mirror, you will see the peace and beauty, which trualy you are.

    God blesss all signs of astrology and peace upon.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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