Pisces and Scopio. What went wrong

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    I’m a pisces, my ex was a scorpio. I thought this was supposed to be an excellant match. What went wrong, why couldnt we make it work. Gutted =[

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    No point analyzing it. You will get nothing out of it.

    Forgive yourself and the other person and everyone else for each and every mistake.

    Move on and get busy into other important things that actually make any sense.


    it’s hard to tell. You havent given any details about what you broke up over, or what you argued about or disagreed on.
    But if youre just asking about the astrological aspect, some people believe that birth charts can further determine compatibility between two people, and that your destiny is revealed in your birth chart.
    At any rate, perhaps this particular Scorpio was not the one you are destined to be with. Perhaps your perfect match is yet to be found, friend.
    By the way i do believe in all of the water signs being perfect matches ^_^
    I am water.


    My ex is also a Scorpion and I’m a Piscean lady. The relationship was magical and very romantic. One word to describe it is UNFORGETABLE! We were in extremes though. There were quite high highs and very low lows. He was extremely jealous, and had a very dark side that freaked me out. He was vindictive man. Argj, I’m not sure about water and water. Already you have this sea of emotions to deal with and now you have to deal with another emotional person. It can be quite draining.


    It was magical, until he became jealous of every man in my life ( brothers and yes even my father included -ugh!). I lost my induviduality in his emotions.And he would cry about each and everything and not do a thing. He used to lie to me because it was convinient. On the up side he was one thousand percent loyal, super caring,loving, passionate and definitely unforgettable.

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    Many times emotional swings are due health problems – hormones, toxins, deficiency and other problems. If you face such problems, ask your partner to see a doctor.


    I am a scorpio, he was a pisces, I wish I had never even met him.


    I think it could all depend on other things in a chart, ascendants, moon signs, descendants, etc. It’s hard to tell whether two people will be a good couple if one has only the sun sign to work with.
    Generally speaking, if one is a very emotional person, it is often nice to have some one who is steadier and can help the get steady with your emotions as well.


    OMG…really this match doesn’t work. I have a scorpio who is pursuing me now….DANG!

    SN- stay clear of LEOS!


    Reply to ‘tasteslikehappy’ & ‘subedo12’: I am a Scorpio & he is a Pisces.. I cant believe I wasted 12 years in 4 relationships to eventually meet him. Scorpio & Pisces relationship is a PARADISE! If you always think every single ex of yours is the bad person, then it’s time you take a deep look into yourself.. No relationship is great in every single day, it also involves compromise & deep understanding.

    FYI, we are getting married on 3rd March 2012 & I want to live my life with this man to my dying day.


    You will never know with scorpio men.My ex was a scorpio and he cheated on me so many times. I broke up with him and forgave him over and over again.I am a pisces lady as well. The only thing you can do is to move on because these guys love playing games and they are scared of commitment.


    im a pisces guy….and my girlfriend is a scorpio…. she is strong type…. and always motivates me….we’ve been for a 1 year now…. sometimes we argue…but we manages over it very easyly…. if you want to please a scorpio…. satisfy him/her with a great sex or be confident and interesting person….always make him/her laugh…and support them in hard times….if you want to please your pisces partner….support him/her emotionally…make him/her feel really loved and wanted….and have interest in his hobbies…. 🙂


    Personally I do believe scorpio and pisces are a perfect match but it depends on rising and moon signs, as they are just as important as sun signs. Also I agree with you plasma2011 we Pisces ones looooooove feeling wanted and emotionally supported and of course to have our undying passion in love matched and who better than the scorpio ones to do this :D:D 


    so whats the deal with sagitarius and pisces.


    DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont mess with a sagitarius!!!!!!!

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