Confused by Scorpio Man

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    Need some advice on scorpio man. 

     I’m a Taurus. A few months ago I  met a scorpio and we both knew the attraction was there instantly for both of us. I knew that we had seen each other before at the club, and he admitted to me that he had been watching me since a long time and that he likes me and thinks i’m a beautiful woman. We danced all night, and at the end of the evening, he wanted to be with me and suggested about going to a motel. I declined his proposal and told him that i felt i didn’t really know him and wasn’t ready to jump into bed with him. he said it was ok. and that he understood, and suggested that we exchange phone nos. we spoke a few times on the phone, then he stopped calling and became distant.  One evening in December i went to the club purposely to have a talk with him to clear the air, because i didn’t want him to feel that i rejected him. we had a long talk and said he understood that i’m a good woman. another 5 weeks went by, and he still did not call (so i deleted his number from my phone).  In February, i went to the club with my friend, and i completely ignored him, but he approached me in a warmly manner, and asked me why i never called him and wanted to know if i still had his number, i said no, and he was dissappointed and insisted on giving me his number again.  I know there’s a strong magnetic physical attraction between us, but i’m scared to be hurt. i don’t really know what’s on his mind – if after he gets what he wants, he will he dump me – and if he does, i will feel uncomfortable to face him when i go to the club again.  I’m sort of confused, because when we see each other at the club, we have a good connection, then he says i’ll call u tomorrow, and he doesn’t.  I read a lot about scorpio men that they like playing mind games and testing the woman.  But what is the reason behind it?  I don’t understand what is he testing?  

    Can anyone give me some advice on my story.



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