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    Me being a Scorpio, and he is a Leo. The Leo is with one of my best friends, but she is very drama attracted. The Leo is kind, sweet, caring, understanding, and trustworthy, but yet he is with my friend who tries and control his life. For the past week there was a new fight every day, she trusts people over the Loyal Leo, but the Leo is very trustworthy. I’m scared for the Leo for fear he will be hurt in the end by my friend. He talks to me a lot because we have almost every class together and the Virgo sometimes refuses to speak with him, I am the only one that he says he can trust with the personal thing that I would never tell. Through out these four weeks he has been with my friend I have found that he is exactly what I want and I have came to love his gently personality… he seems to understand. I don’t mind his flaws for I have some of my own, and he has told me several things that I think to be hints. I’m only thirteen, but yet I feel so strongly about this guy… I’m confused and jealous of my friend. But would this realationship between us ever happen?

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    Okay they are broken up know, but i don’t know what to do this Virgo is my friend… should i go out with him…

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    Why don’t you try waiting a bit, observe stuff for a while, then see what your heart thinks.

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    Hi Brokenwing,
    I know what you is going through being a scorpio woman myself, I am 19 and i know all of this can be overwhelming. By us being a scorpio we seems to see other people problems clearer than we see our own. With your friend you need to decide when it is the best time to talk to her. You 1st need to know how do she truly feel about this leo. If there are some deep feelings she have for this leo that maybe she don’t know how to express, maybe thats where her drama with him come from. And if the Leo is trying to get advice from you its because you the friend of the mate he seeking. And maybe he jus as confuse as you when it come to your friend reason for doing things. But.
    If your friend is pass the phase of dating the leo, than its the perfact time to talk. I would talk to your friend before i do anything else i might regret later. I know its hard for us scorp to express how we feel sometimes but if this is truly your friend everything need to be out in the open. I would do this by inviting her over my house for a sleepover that way you can take all the time you need to talk.
    Maybe start by saying I had and conversation with the (leo) to see if it spark her interest and go on to as her how to she feel about him now that their broken up. And if she say Im over him, tell her how you feel if she is a good friend and is truly over him she wouldn’t care. Jus let her know that you was rooting for their relationship but than you started to see that they wasn’t good for each other if there was alway drama. He started to vent to you about how he feel( which much have highten you scorpio senses with passion for the leo) Maybe you told her once before about how he felt for her and she remained the same. Tell her you did everything you could do to remain a true friend but you can’t stop your feeling for developing. And if she is truly is over him ask her for her support like you gave her. There is no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Jus lay it all on the table that what you know that at least on your behalf you was upfront and honest.


    Brokenwing please don’t even think about it or you will end up being hurt. I am a Scorpio and my first husband was a Leo and we were very much in love or I thought we were. Leos and Scorpios do not mix they will end up clashing badly as both want to be in charge. Believe it or not Virgo’s rarely talk or open up about their feelings and they can be very hard to understand much like Scorpios can be. A Leo likes to be in charge and rule but a Virgo cannot be ruled. Virgo’s require a lot of patience and understanding and when that is given they are a strong and very faithful lover. The Leo likes to play it their way but expects behavior from their mate. Think a lot before even trying to venture into a relationship with this Leo and talk to your Virgo friend you may find she will enlighten you with information you are lacking about the Leo.Continue your friendship as it is and that is a friendship, you are still very young and hearts can change easily during the young years and they can be easily broken and destroyed, believe me I was 13 once and I know how it can happen, enjoy your life and your friendships for as long as you can.

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