How open should I be to my scorpio boyfriend

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    I met this wonderful Scorpio guy a few months ago, he already had plans to travel and he is now gone to India for 4 months.
    When in his arms, I am totally sure of his love and we are great partners in every level but he is not great at writing emails or sharing virtual news.
    I am myself quite emotionally immature, I need reminders of his love but I am also too wise to ask for it all the time and suffer in silence.
    My way of keeping him in my life, would be to write him a diary and send him long emails of my everyday life, as he shared it a few months before going away but I am not sure it would be appreciated.
    I am not asking him to do the same thing, I just wonder if a Scorpio man likes reading letters and be reminded of how much they are loved and missed.
    I would appreciate comments from male Scorpios.
    Thank you


    I know you said you’d like comments from Scorpio men, but I’ve actually learned A LOT throughout the years about Scorpio men. When I was dating one, him and I were inseparable. We were attached to the hip, never wanting to leave one another’s side. But, as far as appreciation for each other was shown, he extremely lacked that. I would write him notes, telling him how much I love him. He would read them, but then he would just… put them away. I always expected to receive a little something back, but nope. After a while, he actually cheated on me, but I felt like he was my everything and so of course I stupidly stayed. After a while, I bought this book, that asked questions about whom ever your lover is. I answered every single question and even drew a cute little picture inside the cover. He didn’t even read the whole thing. He read the first couple of pages, said “Awe” and then set it down. Him and I are no longer together, but I know that, what he did appreciate from me was the affection I was able to show him. Just being there, made him happy.
    Now, I know it’s hard for you because he is in India. But I think knowing the fact that he loves you, even if you can feel it, I don’t think you need to worry so much about his approval. I mean, sure it’s nice to send cute things like that, but I’m sure he knows you miss him just as much as he misses you.

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    Thank you so much for your reply. I guess I just have to focus on something else in my life. I was happy before him and I am still happy and as time passes, I think that it is getting easier. I do love him and I know he loves me or at least I want to beleive he does and I shouldnt torture myself. We are just different and maybe I like that difference. I think that women are such big romantic aren’t we? Thank you for sharing with me. I really much appreciated your opinion.

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    Be Completely OPEN!!!  Scorpios want to know EVERYTHING!!!  I love your ideas and if it were me, my heart would melt…  of course I return the favor as well.  I write love letters and text messages all the time to my girl.  

    Always be honest, never be fake, always show all your love.  Scorpios live anf breath for undying love and passion.  

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    Ok I have to tell you something, and I’m doing this to be honest not hurtful. He doesn’t want to hear about your everyday life. I am a male Scorpio and I’m telling you right now he doesn’t want that. My family emails each other everyday. They all email about what’s going on, and what they did, etc… I do not reply to my family emails. I love my family to death! There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. But I know my life is not exciting enough to email about everyday, and if I don’t think my life is exciting enough to email about everyday, then their life I definitely do not find exciting enough to read about every day. Again, I love my family. It sounds like he loves you. But he does not want to hear about your everyday life. What he does want are your thoughts on life. What you think happens when you die. What beauty is. Deep thoughts. Deep conversations. We live and breath in those moments. We want those moments 24/7 with people because that’s where we live 24/7.

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    This is probably the thing I crave most from a relationship…  Unconditional honesty and truth with insight into how you perceive the world, in excruciating detail…


    Be 100% completely honest… Scorpios will only fully trust someone once they have made sure they are being honest…two your Scorpio will see straight threw all your b.s.and resent you for it……three your Scorpio will respect your truthfulness even if hurtful way more then any sugar coated answer you can supply!!!


    Platoniczombie and hisgummies totally nailed that answer.

    Scorpios are Fixed Water signs. 

    The surface may look calm, peaceful and even beautiful but, there is genuine risk below the surface and in those hidden places. We are terrible at verbalizing our love. Yet we revel in the physical manifestations of our love. If he comes back to you, it is because he wants to, not because he feels any obligation. It will be because of genuine love.


    TBH I think scorpios aren’t into meaningless talk. If you are gonna write it, don’t tell him every detail like what you eat and stuffs. Tell him exactly you miss him and some pieces of your life, memories etc

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