Can we be forgiving and how long does it take us to reach that point.

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    I am a “Real Scorpion” and my concern is that sometimes I can be very unforgiving when I feel that someone has wronged me. Is there a place where I can be comfortable again around the individual that upset me?

    Ask Oracle

    Interesting question and I am glad that you asked it. 🙂

    Forgiveness is our real and true nature, and this is something we already are but have forgotten it while we were busy playing and exploring world. 😉

    Alright Life is a complex phenomenon and I would like to discuss it in detail —

    A lot of things happen in our “unconscious mind” like breathing, digestion, healing, sleep, dreams etc. Human body has this thing called immune system which serves the purpose of protecting us from possible threats and stressful situations.

    When we say we are unable to forgive someone is really our immune system that is unconsciously trying to protect us from that person and possible negative outcomes. And how does immune system knows that this person is not good for us — OUR PAST. Sometimes we go through difficult and challenging phases in our life and try to cope with them. And we retain these events in our memory and they become a part of us in our unconscious mind.

    What we resist, persists.

    The next time this person appears again, the hurtful memory of past triggers the immune system to avoid that person and thus we are not comfortable around that person.

    And did you ever wonder why you are a Scorpio at first place, why not an Aries, or Gemini or any other sign? Again its your PAST. An astrology birth chart just tells us what good and bad memory we are born with. Its a complex topic and needs another post of its own.

    So how to be forgiving again?

    If we can cleanup our memory and let go of the past, we will once again reach our forgiving nature. And there are several ways to do that, take a look at our Solutions page and in particular Trauma Releasing. Try out a few things and you’ll feel a lot better and a thousand times more confident and healthy.

    All the best 🙂


    I think the advice you have given psychicD is so wise. It is hard to forgive when someone has really hurt you. I have a really difficult time with forgiveness personally. It has to be something pretty serious. Small things I forgive and forget but huge serious things are very hard for me to get over. I usually rehash the event over and over again in my mind, especially at first. I think time heals hurts and wounds and some it takes more time. I’m one of those people. I’m not a Scorpio but I do understand where you are coming from.


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