Is it time to pull the ripcord?

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    Hi..I’m a cancer female, who’d really like the advice of a scorpio male!
    In brief..been friends with a scorpio guy 6 yrs, i’m very much in love with him always have been & he knows it..we now live 250 miles apart. met up last summer, and have been in contact daily, stayed with him for 5 days almost every month since. he holds my hand when we’re out, tells me how much he likes me, but wants to take it ‘slow’..I told him i felt he was just wanting to keep his options open until someone better came along, and he said i’d got it wrong! He say’s he’s single, but wants to see how it goes with me before he’ll even say we’re dating..however, he still wants me to show him affection and shower him with my love, and recently said to me that i should make him fall in love with me? I told him thats not possible, you either love someone or you dont. I feel hurt & confused and basically ready to pull the ripcord..but i’m just not sure what to do? Do i pull away or continue to be patient?

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    6 yrs is a sufficient time to get to know each other, and build some solid trust to take the relationship to the next level. He’s simply too controlling and you’ll feel suffocated in any relationship with him.

    I would say you’ve done enough for him and its his turn to please you and make you happy. There must be a balance in any Love relationship.

    You should PULL AWAY and take up some health program or any daily body exercise routine to keep you fit, attractive and busy.


    Thank you..that helps

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    I’m a 28yr old male scorpio who has been very indecisive at time involving relationships, especially when approached with commitment and I am not the one pushing for it. I always will still give them my full heart and love but generally I can’t change my stance unless I am sure I could be with them exclusive even though I love the person and in theory it all makes sense. I have been the perpetrator of leading women on for long periods of time trying to make up my own mind and also I believe not wanting the coming love to disappear even though it will probably never be entirely full. In that I think it is in your best intention to move on, but I would also suggest keeping them as a good friend because I feel scorpio’s outside of their own relationships such as myself can give great advice for others but my own is too based on passion than logic. Which is weird because I believe scorpio’s are very logical in thinking but the heavy heart will always get in the way and become the superior thinker. Which if you win the heart the mind will give up everything with the passion of a scorpio, so obviously his heart however there has not been taken over or you would have its entirety. He wants to sting you but not give up the stinger lol. Also if you are indeed a cancer than the relationship should be fireworks and gold if meant to be 100% but you both will always have something I bet. Best of luck there are always exceptions but there is very much truth as well.

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