What are the likes and dislikes of Scorpio?

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    Ask Oracle

    … and also how to impress them?

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    dislikes likes
    bull shiters loyality and respect
    hipocrites controll
    being fucked wit sex
    liars having their way
    scary mother fuckers some one to confide in
    not being the center of their companys attention

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    u asshole u good for nothing piece of shit
    dont u ever ever say that to a scorpio because im one of them u fuckin bastard
    & i hope u got strong balls u can suck it all u want

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    I can only speak for myself, but I feel as though my relationship is wonderful. However when we argue I’m just about ready to throw down with him; man to woman. He is a sweetheart and very charming almost a bit too charming. I usually dont have him help me with my problems or issues, because I usually handle the on my own. Im not clingy and emotional but i cry sometimes. I keep stuff to myself and when i feel as though i’m about ready to explode, I condition myself to cry because if i don’t, then i’m going to jail, because i can be a fireball at times, thats hwy i try not to fuss and complain too much. Most people think pisces and think….”they cry alot, there too dreamy and not ambitious, there cute and cuddly, very very emotional, too nice, and doesn’t like to defend themselves”,…..but I’m totally the opposite thats why i stated in the beginning i feel and know that i run along the lines of an aries too much. So for the most part people have to grow and mature on there own even if that means learning the hard way. Hes not controlling or demanding at all. You’ll never be able to stay steady in a relationship if your always emotional all the time.

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    I just know one thing…..Scorpio are definitely the best people one can have in their life. Truly caring and very loving indeed. They are the best!!!


    thats rite..scorpions can b the most reliable diaries 2 an ailing heart..the best confidants ever & comforting the distressed comes easily 2 them..i m a proud one !!!!!!!


    as for likes:- we like.1) loyalty 2) trust& dependance 3) solving others’ problems 4) 2 be discovered of our hidden potentials because most of us are introverts !! 5) be reciprocated of love & friendship since relationships form the centre of our lives…6) when we give ourselves 2 someone, we give our entire being…so, its important that the person realizes and reciprocates & also,,7) we are passionately into digging in the dark alleys of life, solving mysteries & controversies with finesse & complete comprehension
    dislikes- 1) hypocrisy 2) disloyalty 3) taking matters lightly 4) devaluing sacrifices made for friends , family & love..& most importantly;- NOT ATTENDING OUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS.
    a scorpio can be the most blessed angel 4 you if you are on his/her good cards, but can be the most detested devil, should you be a threat 2 its close ones or the scorpion itself !! its stings are sheathed,,but deadly !! also, if you are hooked up with a scorpio, the urn of your life shall forever boast of love, passiopn, acceptance, understanding & above all..complete satisfaction !!!!!!!!

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    Scorpios, though most may not realise it if the Scorpio doesn’t want them to, love being loved. We love affection and (though it rarely happens) someone who is there for us when we break down. Some love lots of sympathy, some love just having someone there who can silently help them cope. They have to feel 100% sure that they can trust someone. Some will take huge joy in silently watching others be happy, while some will need to be in the middle of the fun. They love solving mysteries and creating mysteries. (This is a huge flaw, but they love it anyway): being in control. Often it is the case that you don’t even realise that they are manipulating the situation. They love reading people like books (and all the more fun if the books don’t want to be read).
    They will never tell a secret and if you hurt them or a friend/loved one, they will take joy in vengeance.

    Betraying them will wound them more deeply than the deepest knife cut can.

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    Im a libra, the realist man i ever met was a scorppio. Funny,smart,big smile and very loving. The thing is when they get scared for there loved one they take it out on them by yelling
    so its like this scorppio+yell= they really give a shit about you 🙂

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    Scorpios are the best people to live with but never u lie to them they feel very hurt

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    Scorpion woman likes: She likes honesty and trust. She likes open communication. She likes to be heard with sencerity. She carries a great deal of empathy. She likes solid, down to earth people. She is very affectionate an loyal. She is very sincere and trusting. She is very intutive and carries compassion. When she loves, it is whole heartedly.She is very understanding an has consideration.
    Scorpio dislikes: Someone with no compassion. Deceiptful and arrogant. Her partner looking (flirting) with others. She don’t like her own feelings. When it comes to negativity, toward others. She carries guilt, an knows she has to deal with it. She don’t like a man that isn’t sincere to her. She don’t like to be ignored an put on back burner. She don’t like to be second in his life.
    If, you have a Scorpio lover/family. You are truly blessed. They will love you and support you always. They always are caring and understanding. They have compassion for all humanity. They make you feel special. Like you are the only one on earth. If, they love you. You will have good communication. You will have passionate love/sex. They are not shy to experment in this department. They are dedicated an loyal to lovers/family/friends. They are the most amamzing people to have in your life.

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    I think NAILED it!

    I’ll add that we love to be appreciated and HATE to be treated with condisention.

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    (for me, as a scorpio)

    Likes: (in people):

    honesty, loyalty, brave people who can journey live with us, considerate beings, kindness (and its always returned), bashfulness (but not too much), someone not afraid to make the first move to kiss but wont try and kiss me on the first date, someone who can make me laugh alot, anyone who can put up with my stir of emotions (ive found the taurus guys ive been around, not saying all taurus men , just my own experiences absolutley loved my passionate ways…………..always makes me feel more comfortable:)

    Likes (in general):

    helping others, my alone time, music (loveeee music), haunted houses, horror films, dance clubs, nature (especially at night, iam a night owl lol), the rain (but not terrible storms), animals ( i so wish i could save all the homesless ones, this truly concerns me:/)

    Dislikes (in people):

    cockyness, someone trying to control me, someone who cries more than i do (that cant be good lol), someone who shows no emotion, somene wanting me to chase them……..aint gonna happen lol (but i will go over and beyond that for someone i love), being lied to ( i can forgive anything and will most likely stay with someone if just told the truth…….not always of course many things are taken in consideration), cheesy pick up lines (but they are ok being used as a teasing method).

    Dislikes (in general):

    sad love stories (where someone has to die etc i hate that, or anything where animals are being hurt), a crowded movie theatre, bugs lol

    *listed just a few;) *


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    @cuba…never lie to scorpios you said…how about being lied to by them? my bf (a scorpio) lied to me many times, I know the truth but I never told him, so he still thinks he managed to cover all his lies..such a sweet talker.I agree a scorpio is very loving indeed..but lies…it’s too much. 🙁

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    my likes as a scorpio is animals i love my animals lol iam against hunting and animal cruelty. but iam not a vegitarian. i love my alone time but want someone to beside me, i love my food love to write stories and poety lol its mostely scary or sad for some reason, love to gossip with my friends but love secrets love loyalty in people i will show respect if i get respect in return. i love my friends and family and will do anything for their protection. love cuddling with my husband or just chillen with him on the couch. i love my horror movies, iam also a very sarcastic person that loves to joke around, i love mystery, and love helping people when needed

    my dislikes are liars or someone that does not know how to keep a secret. i do not like negativity or someone who always has to bring everyone down with them. i dont like selfish people or people who are really really far up their ass they think their shit dont stink. i do not like predictable people or shows. i also hate it when random people i do not know flirt with me. flirting is to cliche for me. i hate being patient lol waiting is just too boring for me hmm well thats all i can think about for now

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