cancer and scorpio

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    i’ve read in many articles that both of these water signs are very compatible. true.

    i am a cancer and my best friend is a scorpio…but trust me, its VERY difficult to understand her. its like she hides her true self inside some kind of a shell, and then she behaves like a totally different person from the outside.

    being a cancer, i love her loads! but then she never seems to return the affection. its like she doesnt value me at all…though i’m sure thats not it. and sometimes, i also feel as if she’s jealous.

    why does she hide herself? she even once blurted something like “i’m very easy to hurt” but i thought that scorpions are supposed to be the hard-rock types! not getting affected by anything at all and not caring whatever anybody does or says or thinks!

    so whats up with her? plz help!


    A Scorpio’s true nature is to hide safely inside our “hard shells” so no one can cause us harm. Our hard exterior shell helps protect our soft and vulnerable insides. We are safe there, it’s where we belong. Maybe it’s a way we defend against a world that can be so unlike us on an emotional level (not to mention on so many other levels, we truly are unique creatures). Somehow we just know we are vastly different for any other sign and hiding our true self helps us to cope with this difference. It’s easier to keep our true feelings inside rather than risk exposing ourselves and the possible heartache that comes with that exposure. It’s not that she doesn’t care for you or doesn’t show you affection. Scorpios just show their affection in very different, subtle ways. Most of us aren’t as verbal with our affections as other signs are, perferring to show our affection in more physical ways, through small gestures of love and appreciation. You just have to look for these gestures, become more observant of your Scorpio friend and you will begin to see there’s plenty of love and affection. The fact that she even opened up and said “I’m very easy to hurt” is a sure sign she trusts and values you. We don’t generally like to reveal our weaker (emotional) sides but she did. So feel honored and see that as a small sign of affection. A small gesture that she trusts you. Which is a BIG deal to a Scorpio. We don’t trust easy for some odd reason and this is why you sense this jealousy thing with her, we are also very possessive over what is ours and this too comes off as jealousy too. I myself am a scorpio (10/25) and I can tell you first hand that there will be some sides she will never show you fully. Scorpions are arachnids and quite at home by ourselves in our little cave homes. We don’t mean to be so secretive and illusive, it’s just in us to be that way. Heck, we don’t half the time understand it ourselves. We just know we’re different and it’s easier to hide than try to explain things we don’t fully understand ourselves. Your best bet is to be patient with your scorpion friend. Let her slowly come out of her shell on her own terms. It will be worth your while. Us Scorpios are fiercely loyal, laying down life and limb for the ones we love. We will never betray you and will defend you to no end.




    you were absolutely correct.

    i went and spoke to her, and she told me that i sometimes hurt her with my mood swings and when i sometimes can be so so rude. but the reason she never told me is because she feels vulnerable and exposed (just like u said).

    i finally am coming to understand her bit by bit. all thanks to you!

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    Iam so pleased you care so much to even ask about her like that:) My experience with cancers has not been as pleasant as you, great to see a different type of cancer male around:) 

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    Cancer and Scorpio can be an amazing relationship. I am a scorpio and my mom was a Cancer, and we’d just know what each other were thinking. Often times we verbalized what the other was thinking before the other could even think about verbalizing it. Lucky for me, my mom was my mom, so she had to stick it out even when I’d get all solitary. But I think Cancer can come to understand Scorpio, probably better than most if not all the other signs. Both have pincers, and exoskeletons after all.

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     I think the Scorpio wants love and affection from the Cancer but will never directly say it. Sometimes the Scorpio can be cold and leave the Cancer feeling hurt though. If they can work through these things it can be very good.


    Okay, I’m a Cancer woman and the guy I just changed my relationship status for (in a relationship) is a Scorpio. This will be the 2nd go round, 1st round (2008) ended w/ me breaking up with him for not having his shit together. It didn’t mesh with my on-the-go/party lifestyle. I was bored, and slowly started to lose interest in his emotional imbalaces. I let it go, but over the years he made it clear through selective contact how much he still loves and wants to be with me. Even when I moved out of California to Chicago and started work, school and dating out there. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a guy’s word as much as I did him. He can cook, kept his space neat, comfy, and smelling good. Considerate, thoughtful, careful. Something about him… about that, made him attractive. Now he has his very own loft in Atlanta, is graduating next year with two degrees, and has a solid flow of income at 23. He’s sending for me to stay with him in 3wks I’ll keep you guys posted…

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