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    I am a scorpio throu and throu I have all the traits and my fiance is a gemini man and yes he has an inner twin lol we have been happy for a year or so I do sometimes have my suspicians that his gemini antics are rearing like flirting and secret messaging I kno deep down he isn’t but I can’t help but accuse him coz of his starsign and wat they stand for


    Congrats being with your partner for a year. Myself being a Gemini female we do flirt but that usually doesn’t mean that we are unfaithful. I dated a Scorp male and it was an utter disaster. Us Gemini’s do like our freedom and don’t like the feeling of being smothered. Not all Gemini’s are cheaters. My past patner was a cheater and was a Scorp…but not all Scorp’s are cheaters either. You can’t necessarily go by what the personality profile is of each astrological sign. Everyone is different. You have to take into account genetics, the psychological make-up of each individual and their upbringing. So before throwing accusations at your b/f, you may want to try and find proof before you do that!


    I know and u are so rite xx


    No prob hun!


    Scorpio and Gemini is a difficult combo. In the long run it may turn out to be a very unsatisfactory union. You need to look at other factors in the chart. Talking from an experience with a bunch of friends (he Gemini, her a Scorpio).


    Scorpio and Gemini always seem to attract each other, AND YOU CAN’T GET ANYMORE OPPOSITE THAN THESE TWO….. but rest assured this combination long term can have devastating effects, mostly on the Scorpio’s part…..

    Scorpio is passonite in everything….Gemini takes nothing seriously…(unless you touch/take their things)
    Gemini’s priorities, lay firstly with themselves,  then their friends and everyone else…you will be at the bottom of their priority list….
    Gemini has to be perceived as the good guy to everyone…this will eventually drive the Scorpio insane….

    Whilst Scorpio’s priority will be 100% their partner then their family….every one else can go to hell, because Scorpio don’t give a toss what everyone else thinks…..

    At the begining of the relationship, there will be signs of this lack in thoughtfullness  and loyalty for you..but being a Scorpio, you will probably think that this is short lived or that you can change them….
    Scorpio will want to talk and sort any relationship issues before they get out of hand…Gemini does not want to go there, and if you blame them for anything, they will quickly turn it on you..they will lie, they will bullshit you, they will do anything to keep their squeeky clean nice guy reputation at all costs, and for you then to look like the bad guy…which won’t be very difficult, because Scorpio’s are so passionate about what they believe in, this passion, when perceived by the Gemini and his friends, will look and come accross as agression……

    I could go on for hours, and if you need more information let me know, because I have lived it….

    So to sum it up
    Scorpio needs a soul mate, Gemini needs friends, and you can not change that
    Scorpio and Gemini love compatability = FAT CHANCE 

    Scorpio, go with your gut feeling, you are rarely wrong when you do……


    Actually what you have stated about Gemini’s is so farther from the truth. Gemini’s are given to many humanitarian causes and we are communicators.Murcury rules our sign and are Masters of Communication. We do discuss what’s bothering us and don’t mind telling you what’s on our minds. Scorpios in my experience do not like to discuss issues in relationships because of their secretive nature.

    The experience I had with my ex-Scorp, I can’t say that every Scorp is like that. Astrology is a guideline of what personality traits they may have. You have to keep in mind and psychological issues, genetics, you’re enviroment, childhood trauma….etc that makes up someones personality. To label all astrological signs as they all behave the same is premature. It’s like stating that if you had issues with someone of a certain religious or cultural background that they all behave that way. That is stereotyping, racist and people I generally stay clear from because of their constant output of negativity!


    Well. I am a scorpio and I am not like that. I don’t let problems sit there, I will always confront.. or at least let it be known that there is a problem and something has to be done. If you are in the right relationship, you should have no reason to hide things. As for wotsamattabooboo, clearly you don’t know much asbout astrology. You can’t describe a general sign by one single person or experience. In every sign, you have different planets in different signs with different signs in different houses.. in which I won’t try to explain because i don’t fully know myself. Stop being so ignorant and generalizing everyone. Gabriella is right, you can’t stereotype like that, you have to take into account psychological issues, upbringing, environment, etc. Everyone has a different personality. EVERYone is different. Astrology only offers us insight on what traits make up the way we think and act, and in no way should it be used to mesh an entire group of people in one sign and say they are the same and act the same.

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    I am a Gemini woman w/my 2nd Scorpio Man.  I have no idea why I keep ending up with a Scorpio when we are such opposites!  Anyway, my marriage to my Scorpio husband lasted 23 years before he decided he wasn’t in-love anymore.  23 years is not too shabby though!  We were both flirts, out going & loved being around ppl – the lives of the party, but I never, ever cheated in our 23 years.  I was always devoted, loyal & faithful.  I always put him & his huge ego first, which is what I believe helped with us lasting 23 years.  After the kids grew up & I started a new chapter in my life is when I believe he strayed.  So some of the traits you read in a Gemini is not true for all of us. 

    My Scorpio boyfriend now is just as intense & distrustful as my husband was (but his x wife did cheat on him), but he doesn’t have the huge ego my x had.  My x wasn’t jealous & my bf is somewhat jealous.  I am just as devoted to this relationship as I was my marriage.  I am a firm believer that if you feel like straying you either have to get some things straight with who you’re with or leave them before moving on.  Yes, I am a Gemini.

    My biggest issue is I NEED verbal communication – the difficult/uncomfortable stuff especially & the Scorpio’s I’ve been with have a hard time with that.  However, this time I am working for that right off the bat.  Jeff is learning that as long as he communicates with me he has nothing to worry about in our relationship – I will give him all I am.  However it is so hard!  I have to pull everything out of him.  He looks at me so intently sometimes like he’s burning a hole through my soul & I know he’s thinking something deep but he won’t tell me…

    Bottom line is there will be some things that hold true for all signs, but not all things are the same.  Sometimes I read things about a Gemini (good & bad) & I think, “that’s exactly like me” & other things I’m completely taken aback about…  All relationships, no matter the signs, personality traits, etc. need to be understood, nurtured & worked at.  Looking for the bad & assuming it is there is just looking for trouble!


    i am a scorpio woman. and i had read so much abt the mismatch between geminis and scorpios. took that literally and tried staying away from geminis. lo and behold, a gemini man came swept me off my feet and he was truly one tt i loved. my world revolved around him. i got along so well with everyone. his family, friends and colleagues loved me. we were a perfect couple, in terms of looks and everything. i never bothered tt i earned more than him or was more educated than him. it came to a point tt we were going to get married but guess wt? i found out tt he had been having affairs with not one, but 2 of his colleagues behind my back before and during the engagement. wt does the enraged scorpio do?confront him, where he denied everything. so confronted his scandals who showed msges, pics and everything needed to put a stop to it. and i walked away. to this day, the cowardly gemini has to face me, his family, my family and apologise for wt he did. his parents still call and beg me to forgive him and take him back as they know he will never find a good, dedicated girl like me. i realised tt a gemini does not like it when they do not get the attention. when i came into his life, all the attention he had from all possible sources came to me and there was once he even mentioned tt he hated tt. i didnt think of it so much but when it all came to an end, it did ring in my head. oh well, experience wise, this was the most heartwrenching heartbreak ever in my life (and i’ve had only one before and it was nothing compared to this) and a very painful lesson to trust my gut instincts and stay the hell away from gemini men…

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    i am a scorpio woman in relationship with gemini man.wotsamattabooboo described my relationship exactly!!! i am surprised!gemini is all about friends friends but scorpio is passionate in their solmate.very difficult relationship but strong attraction to each other.most of the time regreat this relationship but love em.thumbs up for wotsamattaboo!!!!!!!!!!!


    The relationship is pretty intense. I for some reason attract Scorps and I’m attracted to them. Maybe it’s the mystery and intrigue and the sexual chemistry?

    I do agree shril. I had a very hard time getting my ex-scorp to discuss or problems we were having. Geminians are communicators and we need to discuss issues in our relationships and deal the problems and resolve them head-on instead of hiding behind them.

    What I’m wondering is their a difference between male and female Scorpions? I know a few female Scorps and find them awesome individuals to communicate with and enjoy them immensly. Maybe some female and male scorps could shed some light on this question. Thanks!



    I’m a Scorpio female, after years of yes, avoiding Gemini’s at all costs, I’ve been in a relationship with a Gemini man for about 6 Months now. I seem to be totally drawn to them! For the most part it’s been good, we have had a few ups and downs as couples do, but I love him dearly and wouldn’t change it for the world. He is definitely not the type to display or communicate feelings as I do, so sometimes that causes rifts in our relationship. I am a very passionate and loyal Scorp, I feel things intensely and I try to let go and allow him the feedom he so desires. So when that happens things are pretty plain sailing. Whether it’s that i have a more laid back attitude to the relationship than previous ones, as I feel the more you try to hold onto something the more it will try to break away, but sometimes it’s really hard not to fall into the trap of powting when he’d rather do something else and getting jealous when he’s out with other females (I have to trust him to do the right thing by me), as it’s clearly not attractive and everyone has their own ideas of what’s important. Having said that I always follow my gut instincts, they’ve never been wrong so far! So if I’m feeling uncomfortable about a situation I will communicate that to him and yes, he certainly can spin it round to make me seem unreasonable for not being so trusting, as to me they seem far more relaxed and if they get a better offer, in my experience they will take it. But they do say once you’ve won the heart of a Gemini, they can be just as committed in a relationship as any other sign, they just show it in different ways. So if you can handle giving the space needed and accept that yes they may openly flirt (doesn’t mean they’re cheating though) I think it could work in the run.


    Scorpios and Geminis are a bad match.

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    Sun signs are not all-encompassing. Look into the moon, mars, venus, and mercury signs as well as sun, compare them between the two of you. That’s way more accurate than just comparing sun signs. 

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