Scorpio man-Aries girl

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      This is my first post, I am new here but I really want to ask you for advice. I have this friend and collegue, an scorpio man, who I really really like but I get mixed signs from him. People who knows us are also divided, half of them think he is actually gay and we are close friends and the other half thinks we are dating and we don’t want anyone to know. 

      I know he appreciates me, he trusts me but when I told him what people thought he just told me that people should ask him directly. He is really secretive although very charismatic, he hardly ever talks about him and when he does it has a jokish hint. I don’t want to ask him wether he is gay or not because I don’t want to be rude and, also, in a more egoistical way, because I don’t want to be like everyone else asking him about it. Mixed signs come when he makes bitter comments about my other collegue whom I love like a brother and I spend the whole day with, when he invites me to a lot of places (although we barely make it, that’s probably the only thing I hate about him: broken promises) or asks me to take some classes with him, he got a me a cd with his favourite songs and got me also his favourite shows and films, I am the only one at work he tells his opinion about stuff and even a friend, one of those who thinks he is gay, said he told her he saw me like a angel and so on.

      I don’t want to confuse friendship and liking from his side- I know pretty well I  have already fallen. But he is so secretive and shows so little of his emotions that I don’t know if he likes boys or girls, if he likes me or he just thinks of me as a really good friend. I am an aries but I am not risky enough to tell anything, on one side I don’t want to lose him, I know that if I tell him something he will run off, on the other side he always puts me off when I am the one who invites. So I am very confused with his attitude. 

      Any opinion or advice? 

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