Will he ever talk about it?

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    Hello I’m new and need some help as I can’t talk to anyone about this any more.
    I will try to keep this short but basically I have had very strong feelings for a Scorpio man who is 12 years my senior for 15 years.
    7 years ago I made a mistake by telling him of my feelings by letter. I did not tell him face to face as he was and still is married and just couldn’t face him, scared he would get angry. He was also my boss. The next day after he read it he didn’t say a word to me and it has stayed that way to this day. My colleague helped me with the wording as I didn’t not want to offend or freak him out. She was supportive and according to her he panicked when he read it saying he couldn’t leave his wife! I never asked him to, it was just an admission of feeling. I felt so guilty and still do. When he married her it was one of the worst days of my life.
    I had to leave his employment eventually and during my leaving meal he flirted with his colleague and then stormed off without saying goodbye etc. when everyone else was. We were all a bit stunned with his behaviour.
    Anyway, I am now back working for him for a short period each week. I was surprised as I really thought he hated me and was cross that I had told him something that lets face it he probably knew already being a scorpio. I’d like to think he at least trusts me. He has over the last 5 years treated me indifferently and then occasionally smile and have a little eye contact. Sometimes when he does look me in the eye it is so intense I have to look away, we also smile uncontrollably which is weird but lovely.
    I have moved on physically, I am engaged with a beautiful son. My partner has met him and he wasn’t treated very well. Why would he do that, he doesn’t care who I’m with right? He hates me, I am the last woman on the planet he would be with and yet he just had to make it known he didn’t like my partner.
    I have left before and it hasn’t changed anything so I won’t be leaving, we need the money and my partner thinks this man isn’t an issue any more.
    I know I never asked him to speak with me about it but it just feels like we need to talk about it because the atmosphere is pretty tense. When we go out for work meals, he always sits opposite but one chair over. Someone who doesn’t like you would surely choose the chair at the other end of the table!
    Any advice/insight would be gratefully received.
    Thank you

    Ask Oracle

    It’s all in our mind, a false version of reality. If you can change your perception about this whole situation and instead of taking it seriously, you can treat it as a funny silly thing.

    Apparently, he has nothing to do with you, you have nothing to do with him. The entire situation is actually funny, if you see it that way.

    You did the right thing by admitting your feelings towards him and he did the right thing by ignoring you and staying committed to his wife.

    Just like you are confused about everything, he is in the same situation and unable to deal with it. See him as a kid in an adult body.

    Just pay attention to important things in your life, your health, money matters and your love life. Just letting go will solve this matter. Laughter is the best medicine.

    User Deleted

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    You have said the exact thing I have been trying to do – have a sense of humour about it. It is something we share but he chose to become deeply serious about it and of course it left me feeling like I had done the worst thing in the world and he hated me for it.
    Add my guilt and frustration at being dealt the ‘unrequited love’ blow it just got too much and every now and again it overwhelmes me.

    Thank you

    User Deleted

    thats when you don’t let it get too you, go do something that makes you happy. And don’t focus on the bad.. keep your mind on the good.. and things should get better for you. you still young and you have your whole life ahead of you. *I’m a Virgo* just on here gettin advise about scorpio because my BF is a scorpio.. so that i can get a much better understanding about them… 

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