scorpio man and Pisces woman

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    hello can someone tell me if a scorpio man and a Pisces woman would work if the Pisces woman was 4yrs older


    Four years is nothing. And to a Scorpio man age is insignificant anyway. He is looking for lofteir indicators that the relationship is worth his time and effort. What matters is – the kind of woman you are. You don’t sound very secure in yourself?

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    It won’t work. No, nothing to do with age but with nature. I am a Scorpio man been in relationship with a Pisces woman. Crazy, the girl turns me crazy with her emoptional shit. People say Pisces are compassionate and kind, its a big BS. Pisces are lazy, indulge in self pity all the time, refuse to change the situation around them. Never happy, always looking for that perfect man. 


    Age: Age is not an issue, has never been issue in any relationship. The issue is what you looking for, what are your priorities. If the Scorpio is the kind of guy too much into sex, the relationship may not survive long. 

    But the fact that are you asking others whether or not it will last long shows you yourself are not confident about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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