Need help.. ex scorpio man sending me mixed signals

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    I’m a Pisces. I broke up with my ex last month. When we broke up he accused me of cheating on him, which I never had. We were together for 8 months. Please bear with me.. I need your help..


    First week: I didn’t contact him. He did contact me online, said hi and said he’s thinking about me and asking where I am. I was out having dinner with friends. And that was it. I contacted him 2 days later, we chatted a bit and he turned this chat into another drama by accusing me again.I stayed calm and I did in my power to assure him that I never cheated on him. I ignored him and he called me. He was really calm nothing like the words he said on yahoo, which stung me real bad. On this week, he asked whether I’m seeing someone else or talk to someone else, and I said no, because I didn’t.

    Second week: He contacted me again, and he went mad all over again at me, accusing me and bringing everything in the past. He said, “if u felt half as crazy as I am now, you would be contacting me like I am now.”. I said, “I did, but u keep accusing me when I contacted u last time and you’re doin it now. How am I suppose to do?”. He still asked about whether I talk or see someone else after we broke up and I said no. Shortly, I ended up changed the topic and we talked about other stuffs. At the end of convo he said, “maybe we should get together some time.” I said, “sure.”

    Third week: He contacted me again, we talked for 2 hours. I asked if he’s seeing someone else and he said no. He’s too busy right now, he doesn’t even wanna date anyone and feel pretty turn off to relationship after we broke up. He asked me, “Why do u want to?” I said, “All I know right now is I still wanna be with u cause I do still love you.” He replied, “I dunno.. Im going through hard time right now. I mean I dunno what wud happen. We tried and we tried and we tried to work things out. i just feel like we are too similar in ways and too different in other ways and it’s hard because I do love you.”

    Fourth week: he’s getting distant at me so I made a move, contacted him but he’s being passive. Didn’t really asked about anything in my life. I texted him one day, he didn’t reply. So I decided to make last attempt to write him email, I poured my heart out about our relationship, did some self-introspection and where things went wrong. And I did mention I wanna get back but I also give him space if he needs it. Next day, he said he got my mail and he said he needs time to think about it.. Then the day after, he asked if we could meet up on Sunday, which was yesterday. He’s still jealous at me about who I went out with and stuffs. But I was just out with my friends, I haven’t seen new guy.


    So we met, we talked he’s getting talkative. And I brought up the topic about the email. He said he doesn’t have the answer yet, he needs to read it again. Then he continued saying, “you should understand that my life’s changed right now and my job is very stressful (it’s true tho..) and I can’t deal with the issue if we got back together and nothing’s changed. If we wanna get back together, I have to see something’s changed. I do miss you and I wanna hang out with you, let’s just stay friends and see how things are. Al we did was just talk and talk about it but nothing’s changed..”

    I asked him if he still loves me and he said of course I do.. I asked him if he’s seeing anybody and he said no. he asked me the same question and I said no, he asked one more time “are u sure?” and I said no. We ended up having **** that night. I woke up first, I was at his porch then he went to me reminding me to take a shower cause i need to work. Then when I was about to leave, he kissed me 3 times.. When I left, he texted me “good seeing u..” and asked about the traffic. We texted each other for 3more times. At night I found him online and asked how his day was, we chatted for a bit then he went to bed cause he’s really tired..

    I feel like he wants to see how far I wud go to prove my love for him. I feel like he wants to test my patience. At the same time, he needs to see that change but im afraid of getting into this FWB thing.. I know for a fact he still loves me. But i’m just scared…

    I did send him email last night to respond to his wish to take things slow. I told him that I respect his wish to take things slow and I understand his situation. I can’t pressure him more to be in a relationship with me without seeing any changes. I said I accept his decision and I want to gain his trust to see that changes. I wanna make this work for both of us cause I know we both still love each other. I will give him space and at the same time I need him to give effort for us.

    Does it make me seem weak and desperate by emailing him that? I just wanted him to know that i’m being sincere and genuine to what I said about what I want from us. He hasn’t replied or said anything until now. We haven’t spoken to each other for 4 days. Last time was on Monday when I found him online. Why is he doing this to me? What is he trying to do?

    Also, he’s been adding girls on his fb.. and his friends said he’s been sleeping around with plenty girls ever since we broke up. He’s hurt and I can can see he’s hurt. maybe that’s what he does out of depression? But he’s been loyal and never cheated when he’s with me.

    My mind’s filled with negatives now that everything he said was just his intention saying in a soft way that he cant get back to me, slowly but sure drifting away, hoping I would get his message. But all he said makes sense to me. He wouldn’t wanna risk his job to be with me without seeing any changes because we have tried and tried in the past.

    Please help what should I do to get back with him? Do u think it’s really over and he’s just being nice to me when he said that?

    Thank you so much! Especially for reading this… I know it’s long but i’m really lost and need some insights..

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    I read your issue above and I think that He really “does believe you cheated” on him. I’m not sure if one of his friends told him that or he found something that seems like solid proof. I do believe he probaly does love you however, if he thinks you cheated on him; then you will never get his full respect or love that you remembered. Him having sex with you after the fact is that he is wanting to believe you; but having a hard time doing so. I do believe he does work hard and is tired often and doesnt have alot of energy to really discern the truth if you did or not. My advice, to you is if you want to really keep him; find out why he is having a hard time believing you and get to the bottom of the issue.

    I never have joined any of these sites before; however, I am a Scorpio woman and going through the same thing with an aquaruis man. I thought that giving you this advice could help you out.

    Ms Scorpio



    Ms. Scorpio.. Thanks you for your reply. I sense that he’s keeping his guard high now because of 1. His jealousy and suspicion or 2. He’s afraid of trying again without seeing any changes and he needs to see that first. In this case, I need to prove him something and gain his trust back to see it’s worth trying again.

    We’d been fighting since Feb-march, basically because of his jealousy over my fb and twitter male friends.. I did assure him and I did ask him what he wants me to do to see I didn’t flirt with those guys. I never did flirt and I never did cheat on him. I was being patient and understanding.

    Then on march, I saw a text from his ex sending him a kiss. I confronted him about it but he said there’s nothing between them, I was in doubt but I said ok I trust u. Then in april, he went outta town for 2 weeks (business purposes). We didn’t talk during the day, cause I didn’t wanna disturb him. So I always tried to find him at night. Everytime I called him at dinenr time, he never picked up but then he could sent me a text instantly after I called him. I didn’t need him to talk to me long, I just wanted to say hi. He called every night at 11pm. But I just found it shady he never picked up during dinner time. He said he’s with his friends having dinner, didn’t feel like it’s polite picking up the phone.

    We broke up in mid of may, after he asked for a space. We didn’t meet for 2 weeks but he wanted to be in contact. Then we met, and I became emotional because I was so scared of losing him and the next day he’s acting really cold and didn’t even talk to me. Just quiet. Everytime I tried to talk he would respond but that’s it. So that night, I packed my stuff, I acted really cold and hurt by his behavior and went out to his porch. He came out and asked me, “So I guess we’re done now?”. I said, “yes.”
    Then he started asking me, “Who you’ve been talking to?”. My honesty didn’t turn out well. I said I was talking to my old friend, “B”, cause he said hi to me 2 weeks ago. He has a gf, he’s in a steady serious relationship, he lives outta country, and no there’s no romance going on between us. He started accusing me of cheating on him. I can tell his face that he’s hurt. I took his word “talking” as talking” not “flirting”.

    He’s stopped accusing me since 2 weeks ago, but he still asked me if im seeing or talking to someone. And now, he’s just completely ignoring me. I did say hi to him this morning, I told him I miss him and say “have a good day.”. He’s about to go into a meeting and then he replied, “thanks. I got your email.” That’s it, I asked him another question, he didn’t reply until now.

    I never kept secrets. Every time he’s jealous, I asked him to see it for himself about my ym or my fb or anything, if that could make him trust me. I’m not scared of it because I didn’t hide anything from him. But he didn’t do it.
    Usually after a break-up. I would just disappear, but I love him so I put aside my ego, be brave, sincere and just tried my best to make it work..

    what should I do now? I do know he doesn’t like being ignored but I don’t know what he’s thinking now.. whether if he wants me to pursue him or just give him space.. I do think I’ve made good effort and moves so far maybe that’s not enough for him. He’s 34 years old but then again I think he’s unevolved scorp maybe…

    Or if it’s really over for us.. but what he said seem make sense to me, I know he’s hurt and he can’t be with me until he sees changes.. But how can he see changes if he doesn’t contact me and ask me out again..

    I do hope things go well with you and your man. If i may ask, who’s being “me” in your relationship, as u said you’re going through the same thing?

    Thank you.

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    I am sorry for replying late on this. unfortunately, I forgot my password and fighting sinus issues, work, kids ect

    Now back to what you wrote. – My opinion on this is_ cause I do not know him is that he is being wishy washy cause whatever happened is really bothering him and he doesnt TRUST at all but loves what you and him had together; or he needs to forget what happened all the way around (forgive) and with you being a sweet pisces (wears heart on sleeve) must figure out a way to keep you distance. Now with this going on- We are not getting any younger; so in this time if you find someone else; then I would go for it. I do believe he has had his chances to try to make this work; due to your kindness. but, hey looking @ this. You have done all you can do. Sorry, I understand what I said hurts but, why continue to chase if he isnt biting. Pick up your pieces dust it off and keep going. Pisces women find men even when they arent looking.

    Now the question about it -The “me” it was him. We were together(living) and he had me emotionally wrapped 9mos-ring on finger. However, in the end I broke it off-he left me feeling-;that all he said-done was a lie- not sure if he did but, my best friend told me he did ask her out after we broke it off- a wk later and she did flat turned him down cause she has a “live in” boyfriend ;and during she told me that the reason he took forever going grocery shopping is because he was hitting on a girl in the parking lot- Someone he used to know from the past.. He is still wants to get back together; however I ignore his texts. kept my place, and trying to move on. But, still hurt and shocked-oh well my luck; but still moving on with me- Actually saving money due to I am not washing his clothes and cooking more food and ect.



    Read a reply of Bistysix in Scorpio man posting. It explains perfectly what these guys are about. You are WAY too insecure and negative for him to consider this as a relationship with the future. This is what he means when he says there needs to be a change. If you live up to his desire to have an emotionally independent woman – he too will change and will become your rock, Scorpio men transmute and transform the redandant (psychological) parts of themselves on a regular basis, he needs a life mate who can do the same and GROW in a relationship together.

    So… my advice is… look inside yourself and examine your own insecurities. You need to know who are, to live up to a Scorpio man, very few women actually qualify to make the mark. Never play games, and yes, I know you don’t CONSCIOUSLY, but examine your motives really closely every time you deal with him. Empty ‘wanting’ and desire to get something out of him (like emotional support or compliments or him being your ‘crutch’ or anything at all) will push him away.

    He will look at your ACTIONS, not your words. If you said you’ll understand he needs space – give him space. He EXPECTS you to be able to live your life without him and be happy without him. Then he knows that no matter what happens – he doesn’t need to worry about you surviving. He wants a strong, but sensitive and perceptive woman. Be that woman – he becomes yours forever.

    And last… is there true love in all this? You are Pisces, you instinctively KNOW what true love means… is that it for you, or is it only a superficial mating instinct, sexual desire and a vague feeling of ‘we get along so well’? Really ask yourself those questions. Your heart is the only compass you ever need. Listen to it, because this is what HE does. He lives to his heart’s beat, not anyone else’s.


    I also need help as well. Have been involved with the scorpio man I have known and loved since I was thirteen for the past two and a half years.(i am now thirty and we were always close friends. It naturally evolved into a very deep love with a very DEEP foundation) Found out he was an alcoholic after we were together. I was very naive as to what this meant in the beginning, but have come to realize that he really has no controll over his drinking and when in the throes of his addiction his behavoir would become embarrasingly unacceptable. He has tried rehab, but not for long enough to actually let it work. I understand why he drinks the pain away; his life has been quite tragic. I cannot tolerate this from him and sometimes he says he is going to get help as I have left him and he says that he cannot live without me. I know he needs it and I am trying to give him the space that he needs to get the help. But I feel as he does and miss him so much sometimes that it physically hurts. I do not know what to do. I know he is sick but the love that we have for one another is the deepest I have ever felt for another human being. But watching him kill himself when he would go on binges I could not stand. I miss him more than ever and am so confused. When he is not on a binge and before he drank, he is the most attentive and compassionate caring man I have ever have had the pleasure of loving. I am on the cusp of cancer and have many traits of this sign which is why I believe our connection is sooooooo deep. But alas I am a born gemini, June  20, and my common sense tells me to let it go. But my heart does not listen and everything he says about missing me and everything else reflects the emotions in my own heart. I do not know what to do at all. My friends and family easily say to toss him aside, but they dont know his inner scorpio tender nature the way I do and I am so lost. If you have any advice on loving a scorpio man with an addiction, please I am all ears.


    I was involvd with a scorpio man, for nearly five years. after 18months of the relationship, he asked my son & I to move in with him. After 6 months he started changing asking me and my son to leave his home. I could’nt straight away, he went to stay with his parents. I decided not to contact him and try and find somewhere to live as this was to make us homeless. after 3 weeks he contacted me and said he was sorry and did’nt want us to leave. he told me he loved me and one day wanted to marry me. after another 6 months this happended again, i had no contact with him for a month, he kept trying to contact me by phone and texting and e-mailing me. The council thought i was mad as i kept going to them to try and re-house my son and I. Again 1 year later we were having financial difficulty his business was suffering, he told me it was over and he was selling up. Ithis time was beside my self, did’nt know if i was coming or going and also my poor son was suffering from of this. After a nonth again he contacted me and said he is nothing without me, we eventually sold the house and moved into a friends rented house. Three months after settling in to the house, he started acting a bit strange, i put it down to his dad who had been diagnosed of cancer. one day we were talking and i asked if he was seeing someone else? he said “don’t be silly”. Three days later I asked him again and to mny surprise he told me he was seeing his ex from 6 years ago. Straight away i told him to get out and take his stuth. That night he went. after a couple of days he tried contacting me. after the third time that day I answered his call, he said he was sorry to have upset me and hurt me. I got upset on the phone and told him just to get his stuth out. For at first i had no money to pay the rent as we agreed he would pay the rent and one other bill. He did pay the next months rent, and it took him a month to get hsi stuth out. I could of been mean and chucked it out, but i did’nt wannt to stoop to his level. After a couple of months after it was christmas eve, the first christmas of us not been together for five years, my mobile rang and his number came up, i chose to ignore it. three hours later he called again, i decided to turn my phone off. after all the messing me around I decded enough was enough. That was the hardest thing i had to do, but i knew i had to stay strong for myself and my son> His friend told me that he makes rash decisions in his life and sometimes the wrong. I as a scopio myself don’t treat people like that.


    I’m very sorry to have to break it to you like this but… This has nothing to do with either of you being a scorpio. But if you would like to make it about that… I’ll play along. Your a water sign – so water signs are reflective-like if you were leaning over a dock looking at your reflection. so you and he are also reflective of the energy coming at you.  If you present drama… That’s what you are gonna get – and thats what your getting. however, if you set the boundary and the standard – he’ll step up to it. But because you agreed with his nonsense of “move in and now get out,” he knows what buttons to push with you… And ALL men search for a weakness in a woman. He wants to be with a strong woman and what you have presented here to us is desperation – so lets get back on track. Cause that isn’t hard to do- you just have to have the courage and gumption to do it-but I guarantee if you say to this guy “you are very busy right now- and I need to concentrate on finding a stable home for my child so I am going to back up a bit and get my life on track. It seems like the best time since you are so busy. I love you but we are placing a demand on you that is too much.” 

    Then get up… And go find an apartment… A job… And a club to join- and show him you have it together. Don’t cry to him… Don’t wait for a reply – nothing – you don’t need his validation or permission to live your life.


     You aren’t saying any of this to him so that he begs you to stay… Because that would mean you have an ulterior motive that is not in line with what is best for you and your son it would only be inline with being desperate. Handing all the cards over to him and waiting for him to lead you – is not going to happen until he knows you can handle shit yourself. Then he will reflect back what you are putting out. But busy yourself… He isn’t the be all end all… I don’t care how good the sex is… Tell yourself you have decisions to make and that you are strong enough to make them.  Your strength comes from your son not this dude… and this dude will walk all over you because he knows he can. your son is your FIRST priority. You are right now the example of the type of woman HE will grow up and be with… Do you want him to treat someone the way you are being treated? Well then set some standards and live by them – and when dude comes a knockin’ tell him he is more than welcome to move in with YOU!!!!! You gave him all your cards and he can’t handle it… There is nothing wrong with that – but now you know… And the only way for you to handle it is to live your life on your terms… Not waiting for someone to take care of you but you handling your business. You will become attractive beyond reason to any man… But especially a scorpio. 

    I am a scorpio female, if you are getting mixed signals, walk away, scorpios are all or nothing, we don’t play games if we are truly in love with someone.

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