What is your first impression/ or thought when you see a Scorpio?

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    Answer truthfully.

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    eyes, eyes, eyes – they tend to communicate with their eyes.


    so true.. I am a scorpio and everybody keep saying I have such beautiful insightful eyes..:)


    Intense connection, a lot of eye contact.


    careful with eye contact though, not too much. I am a Scorpio and I only look people directly in the eye when trying to figure them out. If they keep trying to look me in the eye, I often get intimidated, and shut them out.
    Also, a lot of talking can be done with the eyes. I have a Scorpio friend, and we barely have to use words. But we have known each other for years. It takes time to get that close to some one.


    I feel you Linden, because one of my sisters is an scorpio Nov_08 and I am one too Nov_14. Its like we have an understanding of each other without ever using alot of words. We related more and also bump head more than any one I know, but I can’t stay mad at her for long and she is the same with me.
    But if I found myself around someone i don’t know i can come off as queit or being shy. To some this can come off as been private or scretive. I am more of a watcher maybe thats why scorp eyes are so intense we seem to watch more than we speakout. Making us good investigators. No matter what type of scorpio i come across male/female young/old the dove/eagle they all have sex appeal that runs deep. And they know it, it don’t have to be said. Scorpios actually gets offend when commplimented on they sex appeal. Stating the oblivous is more of an downfall. It have to be more than passion to keep the scorpio, but passion is the key to attract a scorpion. Bc scorp are able to stay to themselves maybe taken time out to read book even write one their creative abilies goes forward than some know, to others this behaviour is weird, and bc you can’t read what scorpio is thinking they become a mysterie. They are loyal and trusting so don’t mislead them or here come the stringer. The are determind so they are more likely to suceed in anything the choose to. I have to say that most of an scorpio problem comes in the relationship department because of our burning pasion on one seems to know how to keep up. When all we want to do is give our love which is so much to give. Who can measure up!


    I am also a Scorpio (Nov 4), and my best friend is as well (Oct 25). We’ve been friends for years, can’t get away from each other. When we have ever fought, it can get all too serious and prideful–so we have really exercised our abilities to forgive and forget. We can’t get away from one another because we understand each other so well–sometimes literally reading the others mind. It’s hard to find this connection with someone else, especially if you’re close to the same age.

    Whenever I see another Scorpio, I find myself looking into their eyes first–like I was drawn there or I want to draw their eyes to mine. Its a quick notion really. You can tell a lot about a Scorpio’s emotion with their eyes. Sometimes when I see other Scorpios, particularly men, I feel a sudden sense of challenge setting in. I feel like I want to subdue them..Even with my Scorpio friend who is a girl, I’ve noticed that. It’s a very alpha, reminiscent concept. Pursuing relations with other Scorpios is very curious to me. It’s like I know their weaknesses, their fears and aspirations.

    youngscorpio, you have stated everything I’ve reflected on about being a Scorpio. You said it just right, exactly, perfectly right. Even about the creativity, I think passion relates directly to our creativity even. I happen to be artist and I can’t get enough of that side of the spectrum. Fine arts, music, reading/writing, design. We are passionate in almost all things we do. Passionate, competitive and extremely observant. Sometimes we are so passionate it hurt; perfectionism is such a pain sometimes. And failure is a hard lump to swallow.
    Your assessment about the relationship department is so on par. Often times others don’t even understand how we can be so loving, and so passionate–but trust me it’s not given freely. The first few things my Capricorn boyfriend was so shocked about me with was my eyes and passion. He said: “You’re really passionate.” & “It’s like your eyes are penetrating me.” Yet when he said so, it was like I was realizing for the first time, just how passionate I was! It felt like a whirlwind of warm, alluring light was bursting through my chest and eyes. Like I wanted to eat him with my eyes. Heh.
    But his emotional detachment is so infuriating. I don’t allow him this knowledge, but I do find it a challenge; a wall to rip through.
    A Scorpio needs a relationship where they respect their partner, it adds whole new worlds to ranges of emotions to go through. A Scorpio’s love has a power and velocity like none other, so much that it’s hard to contain sometimes.
    A Scorpio needs freshness, change to stimulate us. There are things in our live that just can’t stay the same, in my case an example would be my hair. 🙂
    Lastly, I feel that as a Scorpio–I have a perspective that runs really deep. Deep conversations are a timeless void that only our silence can accurately communicate with. A Scorpio can swim the lucid waters of peace to great lengths. They can stand the fires of pain, only because they are burning within themselves. A Scorpio’s love can leave their body and wrap itself around whomever he/she lays their eyes on. A Scorpio has patience that can wrought numerous victories.


    Its all about those piercing eyes! all my best friends are scorpio they are  oct 29th,nov 4th, nov 9th and nov 5th and I remember when meeting each of them instantly being drawn to a very strong yet calm energy, being a Pisces i guess its that mutual water element we are intuitive so its that friendship where all we have to do is look at each other to know what the other one is thinking, that non verbal communication is part of what makes this friendship so special, i dont have that with my leo or gemini people its not the same, my Scorpios are protective of me too, passionately protective. I love that about Scorpios when you care about someone you all protect with a fierceness like that person is a diamond wrapped by a star, because the trust has to be earned by that person, which is another thing i like, you watch and observe a person before you let them into your world.




    im one too(nov-9) i think v r awsome ! 

    @ de person above me…oh pleez yr js too jealouse of our obvious charm 😛


    I am Scorpio and I think that at times we can be great people and so easy to get on with. We do have our dark moments depending on who we associate with. If you have a scorpio that loves you you are loved and protected forever, however if you know a scorpio that you have done wrong by you will eventually be punished as scorpios do not forgive not forget. Befriend a Scorpio and you have a true lifelong friend. Intueyetive above has said it all beautifully yet being a Pisces he/she cant be wrong as Pisces and Scorpio are so very compatible in all ways. Yes the scorpions eyes say it all and again you will find that if a scorpio is quiet it is because they are thinking and analysing not because they are being anti social. A scorpio has many varied depths some of which they themselves are not aware of, I know this just through myself trying to get to know another part of myself. We are dedicated, thorough, honest, trustworthy, believers in accomplishing what ever we set out to do and lastly we fight whether to save ourselves or to save someone else we will fight to the end.


    Honestly, everything y’all and what ask-oracle has said has been very much like me. I am very quiet some days, but not around some of my friends. I am very quiet because i do think alot about everyone. If you want to be my friend, you gotta show me something that makes me trust you. I am very selective on who I let in my life though. I love the knowledge on what this website given me. I also felt like I won’t the only one that feels this way. I am just wondering how long it will take me to find someone to have a relationship with. Oh, and im also nov 21st.


    Iam a scorpio as is my baby sister and my best friend, and we seem to get along so well, its awesome because we can talk, or be silent and its a very wonderful feeling to be around others who understand your ways and everyones cool with it.  When showing our emotions we are so ok with it because the other reacts pretty much the same way:) But my experience with dating a scorpio male not so fun lol, iam aware its pretty much a love or hate thing going on, i usually run from the scorpio guys, iam sure they are great companions for many signs:) Just doesnt seem to be so much for me lol


    I avoid eye contact with Scorps but the one thing with Scorps is their sex appeal. I am very sexually attracted to Scorps but relationships with Scorpios do not work out for me. I’m more carefree and Scorpios are more intense. It’s too bad, but I just admire from a distance without getting to close!


    Piercing stare. Passionate. Caring. Sweet. Romantic. Honest. Intense. Mysterious. Secretive. Irresistible. Sex appeal. Determined. Intelligent. Charming. Passionate sex. Protective. Mind games. Jealous. Possessive. Suspicious. Strong character. Double standard. The rollercoaster ride with him. Sensitive. Controlling. mind games. Extreme. Hard to forgive and forget. Needs lots of space. Hide their emotions well. You can never tell what he’s thinking.

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