Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer v/s Taurus, who would win?

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    Ask Oracle

    It looks like Taurus, but what do you think?


    If the cancer is female, It’s definitely cancer!

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    Taurus I dnt say tht just becuz i am a Taurus but becuz if u put a Taurus Female against a Cancer Female…i bet Taurus wins…just try me. And then put a Cancer Male against a Cancer Male Taurus will win… but if u put Taurus Female against a Taurus Male or a Cancer Female against a Cancer Male…tha FEMALE will always win! lol 😀 its a known fact! 🙂 Girls run tha world! 🙂 (not referring to tha song… just sayin!)

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    ^^and this she says from a manbuilt computer, smh

    pure nonsense. Cancerian women arent the most lethal, to me Pisces women are. Taurus women and Cancer women….are whatever


    Im a Cancerian male, I dominate EVERY single sign on the zodiac….EXCEPT for Pisces women – they are my cryptonite

    I know COUNTLESS Taurus women, and they would NEVER dare cross me – I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady.


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    ^^ idk wtf you talkin about becuz taurus would get in a cancer ass im a taurus and one of the strongest bull on planet venus bitch thinck before you talk … < oh yea you goota see me in those hands hoe 🙂


    i m a taurus girl, in love with a cancerian man. and he dominates our relationship. and well, i love to be dominated by him:) he is very caring, loving and his words melt my heart in a second. i am very stubborn but i let it go when i am with him and foe me, he is just PERFECT 🙂 we understand each other very well. i get jealus when he talks to another girl or flirts around. but i know that he is loyal to me and i can trust him blindly. 🙂 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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