Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

taurus woman interested ???

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    i never put too much thought into signs, zodiac yada, yada, yada untill last 2 yrs or more. anyway forgive typos i type like i tx….im good looking guy cancer to a tee and plenty of women to date….well taurus woman caught my eye not just outter beauty but inter as well. she gave me her number i didnt ask for it 🙂 well in all fairness she has 5 kids, horses, pets, job ect. ect. (things most men would run from).  i know from her being a tauras i need to be patient n omg she has a lot going on lol…..thing is my cancer traits creep up on me n i have controlled them, smart enough to catch them as seeking reasurace n i damn sure dont want her to think im needy cause im not, just want her lol my days of womanizing last 5yrs may b over (shes strong woman and i admire her )…..thing is it may take a day to tx me back, i only tx her maybe every other day. i never nor would i ever complain about delay, then i might send her cute text next day they all are lol, n she”ll reply in 30 min. a cute poem 4 hrs n a thank you. ….she writes complete sentences not one word replys……ratio running bout 3 to 1 , she gave me her number, she has more going on than probably 3 women n she does reply very slow…..i was one suggested lets get through holidays 1st she said good idea….is it just me needing to b very patient or am i wasting my time, kinda b nice for her to innicate conversation…..maybe ill just stop see if she text me then ill call her instead of txing her back if she does lol…….im not a desperate guy by any means a true hunter and usually get what i seek im just not used to a hunt like this one……lol thx for any insight good or bad… perplexed by this taurus first time ever posted to a board for advise i usually can figure bs out myself…..

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