Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

What keeps a Cancer – Taurus relationship going?

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    is it too many compromises?


    They don’t need extraneous to please each other,they Don’t put too much effort their relationship ?its natural for them to get along well with each other.

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    They dont need 2 sacrify much 2 make it work. They are always there 2 say “i’m sorry” which is the key 4 a successful relationship.

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    <3 i am a taurus woman and im in love with a cancer man. i love him sooooo much. we've been toqehter for 2 years and have been thru alot with each other. no matter how many times we break up we always come back to each other. all one of us have to do is call the other and apologize and we're right back to where we left off. i am so jealous when it comes to him. i dont want to share himw ith ANYONE else. we plan on qettinq married and havinq kids soon. i hav one frm a previous relationship with a scorpio. dat ish didnt work out. my soulmate is my cancer. i love him with every bit of my heart., and i wudnt take bak anything that we went thru., bcuz wat we thru., made us a even closer and stronqer couple. <3

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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