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Confusion prevailing with Taurus male


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    I(Piseases Girl) am attarcted to a Taurus Guy, while talkng to him, he told me frankly that he had a relationship with a girl, and was unable to marry her due to caste differnces, and told me staright forward that he can love me but cant marry me, irrespective i turned this topic he said staright away.. since then he is same loving wanting everthing in love and continously reminding that i cant marry you.

    can i as a piseasn girl change her deciesion once meeting with him, or should i loose hopes because he has himself decided on this topic and should let it go.


    Suggestion invited.


    Ask Oracle

    The guy is very clear — At this time he cannot marry you, he might change his mind in future, but clearly not now.

    Another thing, he will NOT change his mind because “you” want it, he will change when he will really feel an urgency or a need to change. There is no need to unnecessarily pressurize him and stress yourself over this.

    Now its upto you, if you think its important to get married in love then please find yourself another guy who thinks the same way you think.

    On another note  – Love has little to do with marriage. Love is more about freedom, joy and celebration, but marriage is more or less a legal structure and comes with responsibilities and social obligations (but not necessarily love and happiness).

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    idk if i agree it might just b a paper but wat it represents is love and commitment and the lack of him wanting to take that step means u are in a place that will not advance…. its like being in a job that will not let u advance do u take it the pay rt now is great but in the l ong run while everyone is getting more u are stuck with the same…. i am a piscis and i was with a taurus and although i love him and loved the honesty i couldnt wait for him to grow up b  more commited ya for some ppl their love can b sufficient but i want more and u should never try to convince anyone in the end arent u doing to him wat he is doing to u? making him compromise wat he and u want in reality? i think in regards to love there will b alot and i mean alot of things to seperate the two but if in the end the ultimate goal doesnt line up doesnt that mean u are heading towards a dead end???


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