How to attract an Taurus?

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    How will you attract an Taurus’ attention?


    i am a taurian and proud to be. to attract a taurian u should be well prepared to get through their mind and spend lots of ur time with them,shower ur affcetion and love .that is more than enough .surprise gifts even if its a cheap article they never mind.but you should be well prepared to hold them in ur arms after that .its all matter of touch .its an earth sign so go ahead like holding their hands ,tickling them .make them happy around you and the next moment they r users .they believe in ideal love .so its good if u dont hide any affair with them and always say them how much you like them and consider them.i am damn sure they are users then .good luck buddy !


    I am a Taurus and i believe tha best way to my ppl’s heart is bein urself and showin them ur wild/natural side…tha you thts you when ur tha only person there…and dnt be afraid to let them into ur heart and show them trust…but dnt be afraid to make it a challenge either 🙂 just be honest and loving…show them tht ur here to protect love and hold them to help them threw tha bad times and laugh with them in tha good times. just show them security and compassion be passionett and emotionally strong independent but needing us dependable… we no its alot to ask for but wouldn’t u want tha same?


    As far as relationships go, I am attracted by a confident man. Someone sure of himself and knows where he is going in life. A man with a plan is the sexiest man in the world. I am attracted to nice cologne, neatly dressed and well groomed men. Someone who can provide stability emotionally, financially, sexually, mentally… I love a man who listens to me, not just hearing me, but understanding my needs. I am also attracted to a man who can tell me when I am wrong and explain his side. I don’t like those who have no backbone. At the end of the day, I expect you to be the alpha male and to have my back as I have yours.


    I would say push them away and don’t give them attention. For some reason it interests them. 



    LOL. that might be true, but be careful not too much of ignorance. they might lose interest and set their eyes on someone else. I must say, we love those confident and strong man coz it somehow spells ‘protection and security’ 😉


    A good way is to drop hints that you’re interested without just confessing your attraction. As a taurean male I find that I often observe people whom I suspect are interested in me and usually if they are moderately attractive and I have evidence that they are interested I find myself being attracted towards them as well. However if you are TOO blatent with it it often scares us off if we aren’t interested in you first because we would rather avoid awkward encounters.


    As a taurean girl, I am attracted to men who are comfortable in their bodies, who are not afraid to tell me who they are, and who spoil me from time to time with good food/ chocolate, little sensual gifts like body lotion, perfumes or music that get me off my feet. Most taurus I know tend to prefer nature walks, the outdoor over clubbing – don’t ask me why, and people wearing brown and soft natural fabrics like silk, cashmere, soft cotton, soft plush scarves or sweaters are very appealing to us too. Overall, be genuine, be humble, don’t be afraid to sing with us and keep us interested by making short term and/or long term future plans. Being an earth sign, we are as close to nature as it gets, attract us with the organic side of nature, meaning, don’t be fake, fleeting, synthetic and when giving gifts, don’t give us fake flowers!!!! This is worst than a buzz kill, lol. Hope this helps!

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