How would you describe a Taurus?

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    do you really think they are possesive and stubborn.


    Yes we are. But thats because of the love we have for the people we love. Sometimes you have to control your mind to handle the posesive side of us. Hard headed… Hell yeah!! But thats because we dont give up in life or anything. We will fight to the end till we get what we want. Any taurus will tell you the same. Always remember to never give up.


    Yes they are…but aside from that…they are perfect n everything.


    Taurus FUCK YES IM POSSESIVE AND STUBBORN! its how i even out other ppls lives who need help in getting what they want…im not gonna let something get away from me if i can prevent it from happening…but we r only tht way becuz of tha things we love and cherish we dnt want to lose those things…is it really a crime? 😕


    I am a stubborn Taurus, hard to change my mind, once I’ve made it up better leave me alone, strong physicallay–(people could never believe my strength as a slender woman) and mentally, stamina and determined, hardworking, extravagant and elegant, the most patient of all until I’m pushed to far then watch for my explosion, been told very sensual and attractive, they called me lush, in love with nature, very earthly, intelligent and sneaky, witty, possessive.. but partners liked it, health conscious and very particular who I hang with, would have to know someone extremely well for sex, can have an upset streak appear but the attitude with it is you’ve got the nerve to try to make me jealous and if you think I’d be jealous over that then you don’t deserve me anyway and you can have her, so then get lost.  If you screw me over in anyway you don’t deserve my friendship, will never get help from again and I have no use for you now. Very spiritual.  Caring and Kindhearted for a true friend, dependable and I expect the loyalty as I give.

    I’m me and if you don’t like it then go somewhere else.

    Is this bitchy? Because I’m telling the truth and I don’t care if I am.



    I am extremely possessive and stubborn when I think my way is the right way. There is no amount of convincing to change my mind and even if I am wrong, I can reason with the person so they can see why i felt so strongly in my beliefs and they then understand. I love hard and expect the same in return. Any betrayal and game over. I always say, don’t play the game if you can’t take the consequences of losing. And I always win…


    From personal experience with individuals I know who are Taurean…they are stubborn, hold grudges but are firm in what they believe in. I also find they have weird and unusual ways of discipling their children.


    Yes and yes 😉

    I’m working on the possesiveness, though. I think I should tone that a bit, coz nothing lasts forever, and as much as I’m not comfortable with people being possessive of me I shouldn’t do that to others too. This helps to avoid being unnecessarily jealous over little things as well.

    I kinda love the fact that I’m stubborn coz I get to do quirky things that make people call me crazy but made me extremely happy. And being stubborn keeps me motivated and strong when feeling heart-broken or when living feels like dying.

    To all Taureans, <3 you~ ^^


    As a taurus I’m very dramatic and passionate. Very stubborn and clumsy. I love being in love. I’m a passionate lover, and a very sexual being. I strongly believe in knowing someone really well before giving them my body. Men are always amazed by my sexuality…Im always kind and gentle but if u push the wrong buttons I’ll snap. Anger doesn’t stay long, but when pissed its not pretty. I’m very free spirited, don’t care what people think of me. I always fight for what is right, and I’ll fight to make a relationship work till the end.


    We most definately are to some degree but it’s these traits that give us our stability. Whenever my friends describe me to somebody it’s always “stubborn” followed by “loyal, Honest, and awkward” (but the awkward is a side-effect from the stubborness because i’m not about to conform just for the sake of them i am who I am). 

    At the end of the day I wouldn’t trade any of these traits because I absolutely love my stubborness, and it’s our posessiveness that gives us our financial security.


    Yes, we are very stubborn but not STUPID. We are only stubborn when we know that we are right. And stupid people hate that about us. LOL… If we have done something wrong how ever we will really make sure that you know that we are truely sorry. And we never have A problem owning up to anything. That partly why they say that we are the most loyal of all signs.

    Ctfu… we are only possessive of our family, close friends & Lovers… basically everyone that is important to us. We might not say “I Love You” often but trust me you will know when A taurus loves you. Our loved ones are on our minds 24/7 & we are always thinking of how much we love them.

    I am compassionate. Very sensual. & Sensitive. I am shy around people i don’t know & quiet around people I don’t like. And when it comes to being in love ,I love hard & forever… And I don’t fall in love easily. Besides that we find everything to be beautiful… until something or someone makes us snap… & then we can see straight. And no one wants to feel the wrath of A bull.


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