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  1. Richard Shannon February 4th, 2017


  2. Luanne January 15th, 2017

    Bloody great this reading right on the money with my life x ty

  3. petros vamvakas December 25th, 2016

    I am not any closer to my goals as i was eight months ago.
    My Christmas day was ok but ended as usual with a big fight
    With my girlfriend…and i am not a young guy.

  4. geminigal3 March 20th, 2013

    gemini….. whatever you do. Do Not marry another Gemini…… I did…. Big mistake…. we had a great friendship as we could talk about anything and everything but we also fought a lot…..NOT good!!!!!

  5. geminigal3 March 20th, 2013

    Gemini is just a sun sign…. You have to study all of your chart to understand compatiblilty with other people.   My Moon is in Taurus and that is very important to know what your moon sign is in terms of compatibility issues even more than the sun sign. I think that you should look for someone who has their moon sign on your sun sign or something like that?  does anyone know how that works?  It gets pretty complicated. You also have to know what your Venus is in to determine love relationships.  You have to know more than just what your sun sign is;that is too general.   Basically My perfect match is Sagitarius and Libra.—–for me. 

  6. geminigal3 March 20th, 2013

    I am a gemini female and get along great with Aries and Sagitarius male……. I am very attracted to Libra…. Libra…Libra….. We are so much alike but I am physically attracted to Sagitarius Leo and Aries…… the chemistry is dynamic more than any sign.  The Sagitarius male is my favorite sign along with Leo.   They are fire signs…I am air…. You know what that means…. We light their fire and it can turn into a blazing wild fire. 

  7. geminigal3 March 20th, 2013

    @Megan That’s because Gemini and Sag…. have great Chemistry in that area…… for sure.

  8. Haider786@gmail.com February 26th, 2013

    I want to know, what is my future

  9. nay072790 January 7th, 2013

    im a leo if your a gemini learn to be more sensitive with leos egos if thats you or quit using words to hurt people i just know cuz my bfs a gemini and he can be sweet but i cant stand the ugly side of him and his superficial attitude  me and my gemini have been together for six years but when he acts superficial and the things he says makes him an ugly person because us leos are kind and generous and love seeing everyone treated good

  10. kiwigirl September 26th, 2012

    I swear oracle……. u seem to have tapped into my soul or something to that effect. I have been reading your version of my horoscopes for a few months now and not only today but for some time I swear your writing them solely for me.
    My emotional state seems to be what triggers it. eg… on a few occasions ive been through a rollercoaster ride and with each phase of emotion there is a different reading. on atleast one occasion this happend 3 times in one day. 3 different readings. I almost thought i was going mad ๐Ÿ™‚
    For what its worth thanks cos its helped me get myself out of some really tricky situations that I might otherwise have given myself reason to regret.

  11. LaineyBeach July 19th, 2012

    @Anita probably not. Leo’s are very fisty with Gemini’s.

  12. shonupa March 9th, 2012

    I need suggestions for my love life. I have been in a relationship since last 2years. Things were all good, but since last 2-3months it turned bitter with misunderstandings. It has been over a month that my boyfriend decided to break up. He said he still cares for me, but doesn’t feel for me anymore. But he loved me so much 20days before that. I cried and pleaded for his return, But he behaves so hard. Presently since 1week, I have no contact with him. I miss him very badly every moment. I just can’t accept this break up. I feel doomed without him. Please help me with effective suggestions!

  13. rafatskhan November 22nd, 2011

    hi please tell me when will get married.??

  14. Timo April 14th, 2011

    i am cool,smart gem guy who loves have fun. but when it cames to one i love i get so nervios . i dont know how to tell i love you. its hard to me i dont wan be a herk guy .. help me pleasee

  15. Lucia March 10th, 2011

    Resisted the charms of a married guy for ages but gave into them last night…annoyed with myself.

    I love being a gemini! Never a dull moment in our lives ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Author
    Ask Oracle February 8th, 2011

    Do some physical exercises, run fast and exhaust yourself. Then sit down, close your eyes and feel your thoughts. After that tell yourself that no matter what you have lost, you are still alive and happy.

    If someone honest will find your stuff, they will contact you and handover your stuff.

  17. komala February 8th, 2011

    yesterday i missed my wallnet, i just kept my wallnet in handbag before leaving home, as soon as i reached office i searched for pendrive which i had kept in my wallnet, but i found my wallnet missing, i thought i might have left it in home in hurry, but evening when i reached houm i searched all th place but i didnot find it there is no chance of missing in bus, because only 10 minutes is the journey to office, my mind is blocked i don’t know where i missed my wallnet, i had kept Rs.1250/-, a pendrive, pancard, voter id card in the wallnet, pls suggest me how to be relaxed & refresh my mind, i am not able to think over any thing except the momemt where i missed my wallnet,

  18. rose January 26th, 2011

    I love being a gemeni we amaze a lot of people with our great talents and beauty and the appreciation of all kinds of art and cultures

  19. Megan December 24th, 2010

    im a gemini girl age 14, these horoscopes are only right on for me about every other day & some of them don’t really make since with what im doing that day or even my longterm thoughts for the week or month. is there any such thing as like a personal horoscope? i dont want to know my future or anything i like just living my life & making my own future . so i just guess what im trying to ask is , is there anyone who does personal horoscopes & problem solves?

  20. Shahid yar December 14th, 2010

    shahid se love

  21. sheik1238 November 10th, 2010

    i am married not happy with husband want to go back my lover what to do plz tell me as my lover born on 9 september and i am 14 june

  22. eric November 1st, 2010

    dnt let anyone get to u,ur horiscope is all good remmember we are winners yeeeeah!

  23. eric November 1st, 2010

    oh yeah, and beleive in yourself.u can do anything!

  24. eric November 1st, 2010

    stay possitive and be confident in everything you do geminians peace!

  25. eric November 1st, 2010

    hey geminianz , im a gemini too and proud! we are the life of the party foe sure

  26. farida September 18th, 2010

    correct horescope

  27. farida September 18th, 2010

    would i marry with a rich person

  28. phil September 16th, 2010

    I got fired today….nothing in any reading for today from any astrology site suggested it.

  29. Lauren August 13th, 2010

    Sad…my horoscope was pretty on point for awhile…now it’s telling me I’m fully satisfied and in love and it’s completely the opposite!

  30. Pratyusha August 12th, 2010

    Hi! Im realy tenced about my Exam well I have alredy tell you that I am 10 years old and reads in class 5.I know it is not so good to get so much tenced in this class but I am before this exam there was another exam and it had gone not so good
    thak you very much

  31. Pratyusha August 12th, 2010

    All you horoscope are geting right and well I want to inform you that I am just 10 years old girl and I love
    to be a gemini and so on.

  32. lizbeth April 27th, 2010

    i just love being a gemini,, so unique,

  33. ashley February 17th, 2010

    These are the best horoscopes ive found online. Gracias.

  34. alka January 14th, 2010

    not even a single line is coming true……

  35. Daisey October 28th, 2009

    well ii like this one booy.. but im shy to ask him. He asked me so many questions and all i responded was i dont know….lmfao

    well t2ul maybe

  36. Anita August 29th, 2009

    Will i get my lover back?He is a leo

  37. ashlea July 17th, 2009

    i am a gemini and im 10 years old.

  38. Danny June 8th, 2009

    And there’s more I can say about that. I got another world going on in my mind so yeah, enlighten me if you will, or find something meaningful and purposeful to do wit ur life and get the fuck out. So I hope I opened some new ways of thinking in your miniscule minds haters… =P

    DGAF. God is my judge no one else. PEACE

  39. Danny June 8th, 2009

    So yeah, sure enough my horoscope was right again today 100% correct. I am a Gemini and proud to be one. My horoscopes are always right. I don’t know why. I have no idea and I’m just going to leave it that way. So to the douchebags who ignorantly post these childish comments:

    If your horoscopes are never correct, then you are either depressed, have anxiety, or just a dumbfuck looking for criticism and false feedback. From me, because no one else has the patience to say this but me, I guess.

    And to the people whose horoscopes are true but have no explanation why, then keep reading. We are the REAL ones in the world not stupid ass haters. BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. DeS May 31st, 2009

    not unless you learn how to spell

  41. anita April 22nd, 2009

    will i be success full in my treval agent bussiness

  42. Papon January 9th, 2009

    Can i be a pilot

  43. mayra November 10th, 2008

    am i gonna get married with christian

  44. sui July 21st, 2008

    i was just want to no if i am ever going to win big money?

  45. yogesh July 8th, 2008

    pls send…

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