Gemini July 2017 Career Horoscope

If you’ve heard of “walking the walk” as the saying goes, then you know what you need to do now. Standing up by and for your beliefs or convictions is a good way to make yourself stand out from the people around you. Blending in is fine if you don’t want your boss or a specific peer to give you trouble but, sometimes, you’ve just got the voice your opinion on a pertinent matter.

You’re going to have a lot to deal with ahead of you and most of it will deal with money; acquiring as much as quickly as possible and spending as little as you can get away with spending without compromising your company or yourself. If you’re looking for a new way to spread the word about your business or industry, don’t shy away from popular social networking sites; they are free advertising for you. Avoid fast cash or other money-making schemes. You know these methods never work out like they are supposed to and you don’t want a false sense of security to make you complacent.

Do not back down, back your own judgments but go ahead with caution. You already know what works best so now is the time to put your knowledge into action. Go forward sensibly and keep your counsel as far as possible.

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  1. Profile photo of Mizzi616
    Mizzi616 July 10th, 2016

    Spot on!!

  2. Profile photo of Simmons
    Simmons June 9th, 2015

    I am married to a Gemini male now for 11 years, I am a Scorpio female…I WANT OUT! I know I shouldn’t have from the git go! Well, things are complex because for 7 years I was in an extramarital affair with an Taurus male…that relationship is somewhat over…I haven’t been involved with that person for over a year; although, he texts me alllll the time, I don’t want to have anything to do with him ANYMORE…I met aCancer male via social media…according to the zodiac, we are compatible…we’ve kissed…we have feelings for each other, but he has cooled off…he knows about my marriage…what is going on with my Cancer Boo?

  3. Profile photo of
    Kartalways June 4th, 2015

    Hi I’m  Gemeini male…. I love being myself n whatnot … Gemini males take things lightly n I don’t believe in all … See life teaches you to survive .. You do … Flirting not always is ditching … N girls do enjoy that…. Everyone knows… 

    i have a small moment to share for I was in love with a bull girl . I loved her so much more than myself ever and told her heart fully I like her every time I met n would really love to wait for her n had so many pages written for her .. She always never speaks n i speak to her like I loved her the most . She adored me I knew that though she never opens her mouth but gosh her eyes always tell the truth . we were medical students then n was a year ahead .The bad thing about a Taurus girl is she is expressionless n never tries to hear and her words hurt to the last .She always wants u to go n awake her but she never does so herself n it fascinated me for four years n kept me going round her telling how much I like her from the core of my heart but she would let u if we’re friends or long mates or something … She doesn’t have a smile for a longing man even near her n gets frustrated for small silly things n which would hurt u a lot man … She has her part to get loved n not an expression for u trust me .. Not just being emotional , I loved her a lot n now I don’t have her … N she never looked back to see me once , talk to me once n I feel man she possessed me n i loved her for not being loved back . One last thing plz do not hate somone for he does not stand upto ur expectations for every thing is fair in love n war

  4. Profile photo of paul7882
    paul7882 January 10th, 2015

     Gemini women Please I am truly in love I have never felt this  way in my life I will do anything for my woman she is my life an my everything please help me I need your advice I’m a Leo male I’m white I’m 21 an I’m an old soul and I’m going out with a 27 year old gemini woman with a 4 year old daughter she is a mature soul an we have been going out for 9 months an we have been a secret for 5 of,the total months an we have been engaged sense our 3 month together yea I know we moved,fast by almost the 4th month we wanted a baby she got pregnant an we lost our baby at 12 week’s still no one knew but the only time I ever got to see her was like 2 or 3 Times a week for like 5 hours. For the first  few months everything was completely perfect if we had any problem or just anything that bothered us we would say it on the spot knowing both of us would understand. An try to do something about it we would always compromise every single problem we,had we solve we always talked about our feelings and doubt a fears an everything we built each other up we would text each other every single minute every day there literally would not be 2 minutes the whole day we would not text for months we would never run, or seem like or come close to running out of things to talk a out we both had that lovely dovey happiness. Our relationship was actually the definition of,magical an undying overwhelming love an passion we had for each other  because she was going through a custody battle with her baby daddy we had to be a secret from the start up until like 6 months of us being together I had a lot of insecurities I guess a lot was from the simple fact of the secret an I was afraid I would lose her to someone else or she would cheat on me everyday I was completely overly emotional I was like I guess,you could call very clingy an scared to get her so I was very emotional an,irrational all the time like a woman no offense but in the beginning we were both like that to each other an,it brought us closer I thought that a what’s haw liked cause that’s what a he said,she loves me talking An telling her how I’m feeling so it was encouraged so I left my heart wife open completely vulnerable all the time not shutting it off so I was always scared unless I was texting her knowing everything was alright between us her an her family didn’t want anything to influence the case so I understood am trusted her an stayed a secret she has been engaged 5times a total me,being the fifth her baby daddy was the 4th she was with him for 6 years he was19 an she was 21 when they got together an after a year she moved,into his moms an hour away from her home an they got a trailer not to long after that then she got pregnant after 2 years of them being together an 6 month a In her pregnancy he ch’eated on ger so she cheated on him later on. But in the end 6 years of them being together he broke up with her an,threw her out cause of,her being on pain, pills an,he thought a he was stealing his grand mother oil as but I think there was more to it but anyway she shared her firsts in adult life with him a baby a house a life a every an she told,me a while back when ahe was Dow, that why did he have to leave me an kick me out he ruined my life an God it hurt to hear her say. that but I was supportive an understanding they broke up like 3 months before we got together anyway she always told me when we got together cause I was worried that maybe one day she might want to try things with him  again for,the sake of their child but she always told mean still tell me that will never happen even if he come a begging back on her door step she would never take him back cause she was very unhappy with him after their child was born an just to much happened it would never work again even if they tried so I believe her an anyway she was talking to this guy before all of this when she was. 16 she a saved up an when she turned 18 she bought a plain ticket to go to Palestine to meet this Muslim guy an this guy was any woman a dream man he was just Mr perfect well 2 weeks of her being there she got married to him an they were going to move back here an then somebody there tried to take her life but he ended up getting shot instead an died in her arms an the other guy left her in a text a week before their wedding when she was 19 an she started on pain pills but got off her uncle died the only person from her  She felt knew her an everything she has done he died an an then she had heart problems an almost died she has long at syndrome my problem is that after a while something felt different with her she started becoming distant an I was always asking what was wrong thinking she had a problem with me but most of the time nothing was wrong Im always nice to her never mean or ever treat her wrong I show effectuon every day but overtime she became aggravated an blow up on me for nothing she seemed so heartless an all I do is be there for her an give her everything she wants an asks for I’m the nice the really nice guy buti Ben learning to stand up for myself when an put her in her place when she is wrong that’s what she wants I did that  . So much has happened I just want her love back I’ll do anything an make any change necessary please tell me what do I do to get back in her heart

  5. Profile photo of lovetesh
    lovetesh December 2nd, 2014

    tell me about my fiture

  6. Profile photo of theodore2424
    theodore2424 November 20th, 2014

    I Have been working a staffin company for 7 year.  Working for staffing company you get lay on regular bases. I have been applying 
    for califorina states jobs. 
    I just had a interview department of correction and rehabilitation  
    The job is for Radiologic Technologist position 
    What I am looking for did I get the job and start date 

  7. Profile photo of November 20th, 2014

    Hi myself Minakhsi DOB is 04/04/1986.birth time:10:45 a.m.when will i get job or not ?

  8. Profile photo of shriy
    shriy November 18th, 2014

    Hiiii… Am sri… let me straight come to the point. I love a guy a lot. And he is doing his course programme in current. Am persuading my degree in Maths with computer application(spcl). Am sure to get married after i enter a job. Am pisces. Born on june 3rd ’94. My question is
    will I marry the one I love?
    when will I get married?
    Will my parents accept our love?
    When will I get a job? 

  9. Profile photo of November 15th, 2014

    when will i get married i was born at Triana P.Burgos Southerrn Leyte on October 13,1968 at 3:00am

  10. Profile photo of smita_stha04
    smita_stha04 November 14th, 2014

    Am I Zinedine? my date of birth is 4 may 1984

  11. Profile photo of November 9th, 2014

    My future career predictions

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