Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Aries v/s Scorpio, who would win?

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    Aries are direct, while Scorpios have their own ways to take revenge. What’s your opinion?

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    From my own expieriences Aries wins


    My personal experience with Aries is they do at least let you know what’s bothering you and ususally throw a childlike fit. I can deal with that. Scorpions scare the heck outta me. My ex was a Scorp and was very secretive and didn’t tell me how angry he was. Let’s say he didn’t get mad at me…he got even. Which meant getting the authorities involved. Just put it this way…he wasn’t the person I thought he was. He loved Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and now I see why.

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    I think it all depends on the individual regardless of your sign.  As it depends on the time of day you were born and where the stars were in position at that very moment, makes you a very unique person.  Also the way you were brought up and your environment plays a big part too.

    So although, I am a scorpio by the sun, I am different by my moon and by my rising sign.  And my rising sign is my persona, as a person sees me.  I do have a suspicious nature, I know that, and I can see right through people and always play men at their own game as they think they are so clever to fool women.  I am nobody’s fool and revenge is sweet! hahahahahahaha

    But I have never met a man as as emotionally strong as myself, so therefore, I want a man I can’t really control, even though I will try to in a round about way I guess.  I don’t want a wuss. They turn me off straight away.  I am a fighter and will show my anger straight away with my tongue.  I have an acid one and a man will feel my wrath if he crosses me! hahahahahahaha

    Yes, I will only be jealous if another woman came into the picture, but to be jealous of a previous lover, wife, sister, daughter, mother, is sick really.  It just means that you are very insecure about yourself.  I am very sure of myself as a person and attract men because of that fact.  Men like women who are very independent and are feisty and strong willed! 

    I am upfront and personable and tell it like it is. The older that you get the more sure of yourself you are and the more you seem to attract all kinds of men. Its fun! But if you are sure of yourself and love your man and have his best interest at heart and not just your own and he yours, well then the rest is easy.  Men are really simple beings and easy to understand, whereas women are more complex and men find us complicated. 

    All you have to do his feed his ego, as he is fragile that way, feed his face, as he will remember “mother’s cooking” and above all give him his dessert, YOU and he will be yours for ever.  Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

    But watch out for the little flirt that is after him and be aware.  Let her know, without saying a word that you are on to her! If looks could kill she will be dead! hahahahaha  Don’t mess with a Scorpio woman, as she flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee and that is me to a T hahahahahahaha


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    the  Scorpio dude close eought nto being one  born oct  !9 th  1984      and when i get revenge i plot plot and sceam  im a libra         close eought  to a  SCORPIO when   i plot i  plot


    The Aries would be direct, which as long as the Scorpio does not feel lied to could end things without much conflict. However, if the Scorpio feels they were cheated on, they will strike back hard, and fiercly. In the end I suspect that the scorpio would have the last say. They have a determination that Aries can not match.


    from my experence i would say a scorpio wold win because they are strong hearted and as long as they are not lied to they and Aries would be friends.


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