Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Is an Aries compatible with a Scorpio in a love relationship?

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    what do you think?

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    I don’t really know, as I have never been attracted to one until now I might be going to find out, so that is why I looked it up.  I am usually attracted to Taurus (or they are to me mostly) and Capricorn and Sag and Libras but lately trying others for fun, to see how it goes.

    I like warm loving men, who show their feelings and are lovable. I am not a cold person as people make a Scorpio out to be on the surface.  I show my feelings easily and love to laugh at everything. I am more of a Sag because I have Sag rising. So I am easy to talk to but a private person as well. My Scorpio girlfriend cringes if you touch her and I can’t  understand why that is.  When she has married four times.

    I have lots of Scorpio friends and I seem to like those the best but we are all different in our thinking but we see right through people. But we are all good clean housekeepers and very good mothers. That is a common trait.  I am very good natured and will give things to people and not expect anything in return.

    So all this talk about signs really means nothing.  You are what you are and you may have the basic traits but no two Scorpios are alike and I can attest to that with all the ones I know.  I just tell everybody the same stuff, I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee and I walk softly and carry a big stick! hahahahahahaha

    Good luck everyone with all the loves of your life and live laugh and love!


    Yes as long as the Scorpio can be open with the Aries and the Aries can learn that the Scorpios obsession is not an attempt to smother or control, but only their way of learning their lover.

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